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Whitney Robshaw is a laywer friend of Erin Reagan. Whitney went to Erin's fortieth birthday party, when she met Frank Reagan. She works for the American Civil Liberties Union.

Season 3

Protest Too Much

After being elected to the executive board for the ACLU, Whitney has a meeting with Frank to discuss better cohesion between the ACLU and NYPD. She mentions their previously being introduced at which point Frank recalls that she is a friend of Erin's who previously made use of a cane and she informs him it was due to suffering a torn ACL in a skiing accident. They proceed to have a lengthy and animated discussion that leads to drinks at a nice restaurant which happens to be caught on camera by a man with an agenda against Frank and the NYPD surveillance system. Nicky brings the photos to Erin's attention which causes tension between Erin and Frank due to their age difference. Ultimately this plays a part in Frank's decision to keep any sort of relationship from forming with Whitney even though he enjoyed her company.


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