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Welcome! I'm CarlyRae, but you can call me any combination thereof.

I am a big fan of Blue Bloods and have been working to bring that wikia up to date and fill in all of the unfortunate blanks the lack of consistent editing have left. Hopefully some of you out there will chip in and help along the way.

Blue Bloods Favorites:

~ Danny is my favorite character, but I love him most when he uses smarts instead of anger

~ Seasons 1 - 3

~ Family subjects that real families face, i.e. weapons in the house, bullies, work and home mixing negatively

Updates: All episode pages have now been created, most still need recaps. More cast pages have been added but details are always welcome.

Goals: bring profiles, episode information, and related pages up to date. Add photos, galleries, and new videos. Start some talk on the discord.

Feel free to drop me a message if you want!

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