"Two-Faced" is the seventeenth episode of the Season Nine of Blue Bloods.


Frank’s longtime friend, Lenny, reveals to him that an upcoming exposé will air some of the NYPD’s dirty laundry. Also, Erin must decide how to charge a doctor whose experimental treatments led to the death of his terminally ill daughter. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigate the mysterious overdose of a promising artist and Jamie follows a lead about a corrupt officer in his precinct.


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Cast & Characters

As of Press Release

Guest Starring

  • Treat Williams as Lenny Ross
  • James Riordan as Chris Johnson
  • Armand Schultz asDr. David Peterson
  • Mike Keller as Lt. McDonnell
  • Jennifer Roszell as Elaine Peterson
  • Leigh Ann Larkin as ME Megan Carson
  • David Levi as Gavin Schlenger
  • Fortuna Gebresellassie as Annie DA’s Office Assistant
  • Ron Simons as Dr. Diubaldo
  • Erika Rolfsrud as Kathy Zora
  • Francesca Mckenzie as Caroline Mason
  • Edward Hibbert as Milton Vance
  • Moise Morancy as Twitter Ty
  • Donald Dash as Will Thomas
  • Leila Almas as Vance’s Assistant
  • Karl Kenzler as Jeremy Breen
  • Derek Hedlund as Uniform



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