"To Protect and Serve" is the third episode of the fourth season of Blue Bloods.


Danny and Baez catch a murder in the park with a witness, the 13 year old son of the victim. He is able to describe the shooter enough to be identified, unfortunately their suspect turns out to be an informant for Homeland Security. Even though Frank is warned to back off, Danny arrests their suspect, Delgado, who retains Jack Boyle. While in the courtroom, Delgado takes the court officer's gun and proceeds to hold Erin and several others hostage, accidentally shooting Erin during an argument with another hostage. He demands Danny as a negotiator, wanting to be in control of him.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Eddie come across a car accident and rescue a boy and his mother. When a new Lieutenant arrives on scene, he orders Jamie to stay on scene but he disobeys since he promised the boy that he wouldn't leave him alone.

Meanwhile, Frank has an on-air interview with Reverend Potter on the use of security cameras when he is alerted to the hostage situation. He faces the reality of having to stand back as all of his children face their difficulties.


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Frank refuses to intervene on his son's suspension, despite protests from his assistants. Dino says the Lieutenant was being unreasonable and seen to be on a power trip, insistent that Jamie should get let off. Jamie is suspended for a week, and later discusses the incident with Eddie in a bar, noting that he got himself into the mess and is responsible for it, and standing by his actions.

Danny manages to get Delgado to release his hostages. He complies partially, letting a lady go, but despite Jack's protests, insists on keeping Erin for leverage. Delgado makes a demand to flee the country without interference from the police. Appearing unarmed and without backup as requested, he pleads with Delgado to release Erin. When he doesn't accede to this, Danny utters the phrase "Please don't hurt my family". Danny suddenly grabs a pistol from the car's wheelweel as Erin goes prone, allowing him a clear shot to take Delagdo down.

Later at lunch the family discusses other events that got them suspended, and also reveals the codephrase was taught to them by Frank (who in turn says that Henry invented it, but thankfully never had to use the phrase). In the evening Erin meets Jack Boyle, who has flowers as condolences and regrets the divorce. Jamie finishes up some mechanic work, and Frank discusses his suspension – lightheartedly declining Jamie's offer to go to the movies, noting that unlike him, he has work the next day.

Cast & Characters

Guest Starring

  • Kevin Kilner as Agent Richard Keller
  • Armando Riesco as Raul Delgado
  • Ron Canada as Deputy Director Tom Mason
  • Sean Meehan as Lieutenant Nash
  • Jake Miller as Michael Hudson
  • Cindy Cheung as Judge Andros


  • Faith Sandberg as Amanda Stone
  • Grayson Taylor as Ryan Stone
  • Christian Navarro as Uniform #1
  • Steven Cambria as Court Officer
  • Alex Emanuel as Sean Stevens
  • Alexis Bronkovic as Stenographer
  • Dan Schachner as TARU Detective
  • Luis Moreno as Suarez




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Notes & Trivia

  • The DVD contains a deleted scene for this episode.


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