"The Bullitt Mustang" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Blue Bloods.


Erin is pressured into taking the lead when the acting District Attorney decides to press the issue of officers pulling tickets and other acts of misconduct. Eddie is swept up in the sting and Jamie decides that they should strike back, finding a reason to ticket the acting DA's uncle who is a Judge. Frank is caught in the middle, expressing anger to Erin over the whole affair and having to diffuse the brewing feud between his Officers and the DA's office.

Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigate when the Mustang from the Bullitt movie is stolen and the owner suspects his own wife.


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Cast & Characters

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring

  • Michelle Veintimilla as Sybil Cairo
  • Ivan Martin as Sam Guttman
  • Stephen Rowe as Johnny Lyons
  • Todd Susman as Judge Schlossberg
  • Quincy Chad as Security Guard Bobby
  • Ed Moran as Detective Summers


  • John-Patrick Driscoll as Detective Langraf
  • Kelly Miller as Reporter #1
  • Gameela Wright as Reporter #2
  • John Clarence Stewart as Officer Roosevelt
  • James Patterson as Kyle
  • Melissa B. Ward as Asst. Eleanor Rice
  • Patrick Noonan as Guard
  • Tracy Friedman as Driver
  • Julian Gavilanes as UNI




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