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Sidney "Sid" Gormley is a NYPD lieutenant who, previously serving as Danny Reagan's sergeant in the 54th Precinct, currently serves as the special assistant to the commissioner. In this capacity, Gormley serves as an advisor to Frank Reagan and as the de facto chief of department. As special assistant, Gormley serves as Frank's direct link to the police officers that serve him on the front lines. Gormley also assists Frank in communicating to the rank-and-file, as well as serves as Frank's enforcer of NYPD policy. Gormley also serves alongside Deputy Commissioner Garrett Moore and Detective Abigail Baker as part of Frank's advisory inner circle.


Gormley was a former detective sergeant and supervisor of the 54th Precinct's Detective Squad where he served as Danny's immediate boss for more than four years. He was frequently exasperated by his subordinate. Gormley lives in New Hyde Park with his wife, Sheila (Cady Huffman), his son Brendan, and, according to the certificate in his office, is a graduate of New York University. In Flags of Our Fathers, Gormley mentions that he is a veteran, and that he lost a grandfather and two uncles in the service.

Early in Season 5, Gormley is reassigned by Frank to One PP, and was appointed as the de facto chief of department after Dino Arbogast resigned as chief. However, due to Gormley not being high enough in rank to be eligible for the actual position of chief of department (who must be at least a captain or higher), he is given the job title "Special Assistant to the Commissioner", which gives him the authorities of the chief of department, though not the pay grade or privileges. In this capacity, Gormley acts as Frank's liaison to the rank and file. Gormley is later on promoted to lieutenant.


Gormley is a tough, hard-headed, by-the-book cop and dedicated to his job. Like many cops, Gormley is a "set in his way" cop, liking the department the way it use to be back in the day as opposed to how it is now.


Gormley is married and loves his wife Sheila. They have one son, Brendan, and an unnamed daughter, to which Gormley mentioned in "Privileged".

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