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Season Two of Blue Bloods premiered on September 23, 2011 and lasted 22 episodes.

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01 "Mercy" September 23, 2011 23
When one of his supporters is murdered, the new mayor pressures Frank to spin the killing as a random act of violence.
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02 "Friendly Fire" September 30, 2011 24
After Danny accidentally shoots a cop, Internal Affairs starts an investigation, focusing on his state of mind at the time of the shooting.
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03 "Critical Condition" October 7, 2011 25
Danny discovers that a former cop is one of the men who attempted to rob a bank. Meanwhile, Jamie gets a new partner.
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04 "Innocence" October 14, 2011 26
Erin reopens an 18-year-old rape case first investigated by Frank. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie probe the murders of three teens in a park.
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05 "A Night on the Town" October 21, 2011 27
While on a case, Danny tries to swing a romantic weekend with Linda. Elsewhere, Jamie's undercover assignment takes him inside a crime family.
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06 "Black and Blue" November 4, 2011 28
Frank must deal with a political crisis after Jamie and Renzulli are injured while attempting to enter a religious center in response to a 911 call.
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07 "Lonely Hearts Club" November 11, 2011 29
When a serial killer starts targeting prostitutes, Jackie goes undercover as an escort. Meanwhile, Erin meets a man who shares her interests.
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08 "Thanksgiving" November 18, 2011 30
Henry's heart attack on Thanksgiving Eve leaves the family pondering a future without him. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie look into an alleged suicide.
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09 "Moonlighting" December 2, 2011 31
To get leniency for his son, an ex-mobster helps Danny on some cold cases. Meanwhile, Jamie workes undercover in the Sanfino crime family.
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10 "Whistle Blower" January 6, 2012 32
When Erin's confidential informant is murdered, she blames herself and works to help Danny discover who killed him.
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11 "The Uniform" January 13, 2012 33
Danny and Jackie investigate when a uniformed officer is seen fleeing the scene of a murder at a diner.
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12 "The Job" February 3, 2012 34
While driving his family home, Danny becomes involved in a shooting after his car strikes a man running from a gunman.
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13 "Leap of Faith" February 10, 2012 35
When a rich woman dies of a heart attack, her daughter claims God told her that her mother was murdered, prompting Danny and Jackie to investigate.
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14 "Parenthood" February 17, 2012 36
When a thief is shot and killed after robbing and beating a family, the Reagans ponder how far they'd go to protect one another.
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15 "The Life We Chose" February 24, 2012 37
Danny's family worries about his emotional state as he and Jackie investigate the murder of a Reagan family friend who was an undercover detective.
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16 "Women With Guns" March 2, 2012 38
A high-profile reporter, who happens to be a close friend of Franks, is almost assaulted. Elsewhere, Jamie's undercover case reaches a crucial stage.
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17 "Reagan v. Reagan" March 9, 2012 39
While Erin is prosecuting a homicide case, the defendant's lawyer is murdered. Danny investigates, and things get tense when Erin cross-examines him.
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18 "No Questions Asked" March 30, 2012 40
A gun buyback program has a no-questions-asked rule, but when a returned gun is linked to a robbery, Danny must decide whether to arrest the suspect.
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19 "Some Kind of Hero" April 6, 2012 41
Pressured by the son of a firefighter whose death was ruled a suicide, Danny reopens a closed case, enraging his fellow detectives.
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20 "Working Girls" April 27, 2012 42
After an attempt is made on the life of a witness in protective custody, Danny and Jackie discover a leak within the department.
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21 "Collateral Damage" May 4, 2012 43
A big-spending investor's death looks suspicious to Danny and Jackie. Meanwhile, Jamie is placed under house arrest when a hit is put out on his life.
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22 "Mother’s Day" May 11, 2012 44
Unbeknownst to his family, Frank must deal with a potential biological weapons attack on New York City as the Reagans celebrate Mother's Day.


Blu-ray & DVD

Special Features

  • Meet the Maestro: Tony Bennett on Blue Bloods (disc 1)
  • On The Set with Donnie & Will
  • Keeping It Real, Season 2
  • A Higher Standard: The Story of the Reagans, Season 2 (2 parts)
  • Gag Reel
  • Deleted scenes are separated by episode
  • There are 2 episodes with commentary for Season 2: Moonlighting and The Job

Notes & Trivia

  • In Episode 1 "Mercy" the criminal is sent back to Croatia to a Judge and Noose, implying that he will be put to death. Croatia has not had a death penalty since 1990 and is now a member of the European Union which does not allow the death penalty.


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