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Season Six of Blue Bloods premiered on September 25, 2015 and contains 22 episodes.

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01 "Worst Case Scenario" September 25, 2015 112
As terrorists strike around the world, Frank quietly prepares New York for the worst while Danny and Baez try to track suspected bombers.
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02 "Absolute Power" October 2, 2015 113
While Danny and Baez hunt a serial killer who targets young women, a mayoral candidate accuses Frank of corruption, and Erin ponders becoming a judge.
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03 "All the News That's Fit to Click" October 9, 2015 114
Shot while riding with Jamie and Eddie, a cocky reporter stymies the hunt for the shooter so he can turn the situation into a career-making story.
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04 "With Friends Like These" October 16, 2015 115
Erin turns to a former mob informant for help investigating a murder. Jamie and Eddie run into red tape trying to help a mentally unstable woman.
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05 "Backstabbers" October 23, 2015 116
Danny and Baez bend the rules to find an escaped convict that Danny regrets sending to prison. Meanwhile, Nicky uses family clout to help a friend.
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06 "Rush to Judgement" October 30, 2015 117
Internal Affairs scrutinizes Jamie after he's accused of police brutality at a demonstration, and a civil rights lawyer gets caught up in a rape case.
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07 "The Bullitt Mustang" November 6, 2015 118
Danny and Baez go in search of a stolen car made famous in the movies, and a feud over parking tickets escalates between Erin's office and the cops.
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08 "Unsung Heroes" November 13, 2015 119
While Danny tracks a serial killer who's threatening his family, Jamie's run-in with a reckless colleague reveals a troubling secret.
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09 "Hold Outs" November 20, 2015 120
Erin tries to locate a witness to re-try a murder case that ended in a hung jury. Jamie and Eddie go undercover a senior citizens to solve robberies.
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10 "Flags of Our Fathers" December 11, 2015 121
Frank faces a free-speech showdown when protesters plan to burn the American flag in Central Park, and Danny faces tough questions about an old case.
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11 "Back in the Day" January 8, 2016 122
Frank's old partner intends to publish a potentially damaging tell-all book while Jamie and Eddie suffer a rift over responding to an emergency call.
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12 "Cursed" January 15, 2016 123
When an officer requests Joe's old badge number, Frank wonders if the shield is a bad omen. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez set a trap for a mob killer.
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13 "Stomping Grounds" January 22, 2016 124
Baez schemes to bring justice to a drug dealer who once killed a boy in her neighborhood, and Eddie faces sexual harassment from a superior.
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14 "The Road to Hell" February 12, 2016 125
Danny faces a curious problem when several prostitutes each claim to have murdered their pimp, and Nicky clams up after getting busted for possession.
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15 "Fresh Start" February 19, 2016 126
Erin faces intense scrutiny when a man she released is accused of murder, meanwhile Danny and Baez go in search of a missing cop in need of intervention.
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16 "Help Me Help You" February 26, 2016 127
Danny and Baez intervene when a man becomes increasingly hostile toward his ex-wife's boyfriend. Erin confronts an old mentor who is now a judge.
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17 "Friends in Need" March 11, 2016 128
Jamie reluctantly agrees to mentor a rookie who turns out to be a loose cannon. Meanwhile, Erin investigates a shady investment scheme that targets police.
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18 "Town Without Pity" April 1, 2016 129
A convicted killer who has turned his life around faces fresh murder charges, and Erin confronts a lawyer who is using a suspect to boost her podcast.
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19 "Blast from the Past" April 8, 2016 130
Baez gets a jolt when she and Danny must team up with her ex-boyfriend. Frank wrestles with promoting a cop who once shot an unarmed teen.
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20 "Down the Rabbit Hole" April 15, 2016 131
Danny forms an uneasy alliance with the FBI when the serial killer who has eluded him strikes again, this time with Nicky in his sights.
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21 "The Extra Mile" April 29, 2016 132
Erin plays her cards shrewdly when a frightened witness goes on the run while Danny and Baez look into a puzzling convenience store robbery.
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22 "Blowback" May 6, 2016 133
Frank and Erin face a major crisis when public outrage over a cop who shot a teen spills over into violence directed back at police.


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Special Features

  • Behind the Scenes With Blue Bloods (Disc 5)
  • The Story of the Reagans: Season 6 (Parts 1&2)
  • The Wilder Trilogy: Danny Reagan's Fight for Justice
  • Working with Donnie Wahlberg
  • Gag Reel

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