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Season Seven of Blue Bloods premiered on September 23, 2016 and consisted of 22 episodes.

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01 "The Greater Good" September 23, 2016 134
The Attorney General gets new evidence in Thomas Wilder's shooting and comes after Danny. Meanwhile, an Officer's widow pleas with Frank to keep her son from graduating the Academy and off the force.
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02 "Good Cop Bad Cop" September 30, 2016 135
Danny and Baez investigate when an elderly woman is killed in her apartment by a stray bullet. Frank disciplines a disrespectful officer on duty and faces criticism from the ranks.
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03 "The Price of Justice" October 7, 2016 136
Danny and Baez butt heads when a traumatized victim wavers on pressing charges. Jamie gets a job offer as an adviser for a TV show, and Frank faces a publicity nightmare.
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04 "Mob Rules" October 14, 2016 137
When Lieutenant Gormley is attacked by a mob, Frank accepts the help of a Detective with family ties to the area.
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05 "For the Community" October 21, 2016 138
Erin and Anthony work to keep an activist from being deported, and Frank has to decide if the NYPD will join in a raid with U.S. Marshals.
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06 "Whistleblowers" October 28, 2016 139
An Officer goes to the Attorney General with claims of abuse of power in the NYPD, and Danny and Baez investigate the suspicious case of a waitress who was hit by a car after calling out for the police.
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07 "Guilt by Association" November 4, 2016 140
Danny's witness is killed before testifying, meanwhile Robert Lewis pressures Frank to approve of the Attorney General's investigation into excessive-force in the NYPD.
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08 "Personal Business" November 11, 2016 141
Danny and Baez investigate when a woman's abusive ex is murdered, and Frank is forced to discipline an off-duty sergeant who failed to intervene in an armed robbery.
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09 "Confessions" November 18, 2016 142
A priest's seal of confession complicates the search for a missing boy. Danny and Baez investigate the death of a socialite.
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10 "Unbearable Loss" December 9, 2016 143
When the son of one of the NYPD's harshest critics is murdered, he must try to set aside his resentment to help the investigation. Erin and Anthony investigate a prison-transfer turned fatal.
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11 "Genetics" January 6, 2017 144
Called to the scene of a dispute between adoptive parents and birth parents, Eddie and Jamie try to help by asking Erin to give legal advice and keep it out of the courts.
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12 "Not Fade Away" January 13, 2017 145
A recently released ex-con asks Danny to act as a bodyguard and Danny agrees if only to find out who the real killer was.
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13 "The One That Got Away" January 20, 2017 146
Danny and Baez's child abuse case is complicated by diplomatic immunity, becoming even more so when Frank steps in.
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14 "In and Out" February 3, 2017 147
A gang leader's murder exposes a love affair between an ex-con and his parole officer while Frank tries to moderate a rival gang's response.
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15 "Lost Souls" February 10, 2017 148
Danny and Baez hesitate to arrest a suspect when they discover his victim killed a mother and her son while driving drunk.
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16 "Hard Bargain" February 17, 2017 149
In trouble with the mob, Danny's brother-in-law begs for protection. Frank faces a demand to release to the public NYPD disciplinary records.
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17 "Shadow of a Doubt" March 10, 2017 150
Jamie and Eddie are suspicious of an EMT who failed to respond to the 911 call of his wife when she suffered a fatal allergic reaction.
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18 "A Deep Blue Goodbye" March 31, 2017 151
A former officer goes missing after expressing the desire to apologize to a woman she feels she wrongly put away. Frank has to deal with a chief who is fighting mandatory retirement.
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19 "Love Lost" April 7, 2017 152
Erin is opposed in court by her ex-husband. Danny and Baez investigate a husband for the death of his wife, and Jamie ends up riding with a new partner.
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20 "No Retreat, No Surrender" April 14, 2017 153
While Frank looks into charges of misconduct within the Mayor's office, Erin tries to help a former witness rid his apartment building of a drug operation.
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21 "Foreign Interference" April 28, 2017 154
Partnered with Russian operatives, Danny and Baez must locate a dangerous ex-KGB agent. Frank must handle a sensitive case involving an archbishop.
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22 "The Thin Blue Line" May 5, 2017 155
After his theories about a serial killer are brushed off, Jamie investigates on his own. Meanwhile Danny helps confiscate millions in drugs and money from a Mexican cartel which makes his family a target.


Blu-ray & DVD

Special Features

  • Anatomy of a Scene: The Greater Good (Disc 1)
  • Blue Bloods 150th Episode Celebration (Disc 5)
  • The Story of the Reagans: Season 7
  • Gag Reel

Notes & Trivia

  • Good Cop Bad Cop is the second episode but appears fourth on Netflix
  • This was the last season for Amy Carlson.


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