Blue Bloods first premiered on September 24, 2010. It is an American police procedural television series centered on the Reagans, a family of police officers in New York City.

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01 "Pilot" September 24, 2010 01
Jamie graduates from the Police Academy and joins NYPD after deciding not to pursue his career as a lawyer.
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02 "Samaritan" October 1, 2010 02
A good Samaritan who takes action against a criminal terrorizing the subway has the Reagans pondering the rights and wrongs of vigilantism.
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03 "Privilege" October 8, 2010 03
Erin, Frank, and Danny must find a way to bring justice for a rape victim when the suspect is protected by diplomatic immunity.
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04 "Officer Down" October 15, 2010 04
The entire NYPD is mobilized to find the killer of a police officer who exchanged gunfire with robbers during a diamond heist.
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05 "What You See" October 22, 2010 05
The Reagans argue the pros and cons of profiling as Frank, Danny, and the rest of the NYPD search for a bomb that's set to detonate in Manhattan.
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06 "Smack Attack" October 29, 2010 06
Danny must find the narcotic source when three teenagers die from a drug overdose.
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07 "Brothers" November 5, 2010 07
Erin's family debates her methods when she uses a law-abiding citizen as bait to take down his gang leader brother.
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08 "Chinatown" November 12, 2010 08
Jamie witnesses a crime in progress and kills the suspect while pursuing him. Danny must solve the case to clear Jamie's name.
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09 "Re-Do" November 19, 2010 09
Three released prison inmates place the Reagan family in danger. They try to get one of the criminal's surviving victims to testify against him.
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10 "After Hours" December 3, 2010 10
While Danny investigates the murder of a popular nightclub's doorman, Frank gets information that his ex-partner is covering up crimes.
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11 "Little Fish" January 19, 2011 11
A cold case of Frank's is brought to the forefront when a missing boy's remains are found. Danny and Jackie look into the death of a high-end escort.
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12 "Family Ties" January 26, 2011 12
Danny investigates when the son of a Russian gangster is killed and Erin is assigned a high-profile corruption case.
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13 "Hall of Mirrors" February 2, 2011 13
Because it involves classified information and a sleeper cell, Frank assigns Danny to cover the shooting of an undercover counter-terrorism agent.
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14 "My Funny Valentine" February 9, 2011 14
A drug addict becomes the prime focus of Danny and Jackie's investigation after the man's girlfriend is kidnapped and held for ransom.
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15 "Dedication" February 18, 2011 15
Is someone out to assassinate the Commissioner or was the shooting random? Danny takes on the assignment to find out the answer.
BB S1 E16.jpg
16 "Age of Innocence" February 25, 2011 16
Nicky goes with Danny to a crime scene where a girl has been murdered, and she has a difficult time coping after seeing her first murder victim.
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17 "Silver Star" March 11, 2011 17
As a former Marine, Danny feels responsible for finding the killer of a Marine war hero. There is a false rumor that Frank is going to run for mayor.
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18 "To Tell the Truth" April 1, 2011 18
Just before Danny is to testify at a Peruvian drug lord's murder trial, Linda is kidnapped. This drug lord has a history of intimidating witnesses.
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19 "Model Behavior" April 8, 2011 19
Danny and Jackie investigate the cut-throat world of fashion after Linda's runway model niece and a reporter are poisoned at a fashion show.
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20 "All That Glitters" April 29, 2011 20
Frank's frustrations rise when the media sensationalizes the murder of a tourist shot and killed outside a trendy Lower East Side restaurant.
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21 "Cellar Boy" May 6, 2011 21
Neighbors of the Reagans are murdered, and their son becomes the prime suspect. Jamie is convinced he's being pursued by the Blue Templar.
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22 "The Blue Templar" May 13, 2011 22
When a drug bust points to dirty cops, Frank decides not to involve Internal Affairs in the hopes of taking down and exposing the Blue Templar.


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