Page Layout Guidelines

This page will detail basic requirements for different page types. As always, if you have any questions feel free to contact any of the admins.

Character Pages

  • Titles should contain full names. We want them to resemble an official personnel file or identification. Nicknames or other common names should have redirect pages leading to the full name page.
  • Pages should contain an image and infobox containing as much information as possible, especially episode appearances.
    • Status should be Alive or Deceased. Marital status is a separate part of the infobox.
    • If the department a character belongs to does not have a template, contact an admin to request its creation.
  • Pages should at least contain a Biography header with what information we know about them.
    • Main Character pages should contain details of physical characteristics.
  • If known, pages should also contain a Career heading, and NYPD characters should have a section devoted to Involved Shootings, Partners, and Awards.
  • A Gallery section should be created using the gallery template.
  • Pages should also contain Notes & Trivia, as well as a Reference section.

Cast Pages

  • Titles should also be full names (if known). Nickname redirects should also be created for ease of use.
  • Biographies should be created and re-written so that they are not an exact copy of another site.
  • Full credits may be included if/when a template is created. At the very least, complete Blue Bloods credits should be included.
  • Actor infoboxes should contain an image, preferably an official headshot, as well as all the details available.
    • Infoboxes should also contain what social media links are available and official.

Location Pages

  • Location pages should have a template detailing if it is a fictional location or real location, with a link to the corresponding page.
  • Location infoboxes should be added to the page as well as an image.
  • Precinct pages should contain a list of known officers, as well as any details about the layout of the buildings themselves.
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