"Playing With Fire" is the first episode of the ninth season of Blue Bloods.


Danny goes after a drug cartel member who he suspects is the one who was behind the torching of his house over a year ago.

Meanwhile, Frank and Jamie clash when Jamie refuses to stop riding with Eddie.

Elsewhere, Erin receives a promotion at work before being put in a tough spot when both Danny and Jamie ask her to help out with their cases.


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Cast & Characters

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Guest Starring

  • Aasif Mandvhi as Samar Charwell
  • Zoe Tate as 9 Year Old Girl
  • Kim Akia as Woman
  • Bubba Weiler as Justin Mathews
  • Lou Diamond Phillips as Delgado
  • Katty Velasquez as Melissa Sanchez
  • Joel Haberli as Samuel Aprel
  • Charles E. Justo as Firefighter Carter
  • Brooke Hoover as Neighbor
  • Natasha Murray as Laticia Washington
  • Joe O'connor as Malone
  • Bisserat Tseggai as Officer Kapoor
  • Anthony T. Solano as Cartel #1
  • Shaun Rey as Cartel #2
  • Deyvi Antonio Martinez as Cartel #3
  • Emmanuel Hierro as Cartel #4



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