"Pick Your Poison" is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Blue Bloods.


While running down a suspect, Eddie calls for help from a nearby tennis player who doesn't intervene. When she goes to call him out on it she recognizes him as a man who also stood by as she was assaulted in college, causing her to arrest him on the spot, a move which Jamie doesn't agree with.

Meanwhile, Danny and Baez are stuck between two sides of a war when an older black man is murdered by a neighborhood racist group. Things escalate when the murderer kills a gang member in prison leading to the group's headquarters being broken into. The group's leader, an ex-cop, plans to take matters into his own hands against the local gang, despite Danny's attempts to convince him otherwise.

Elsewhere, Frank is put in a difficult position when a decorated Chief tests positive for marijuana he legally purchased, and ate, in Colorado. The Mayor gets involved and makes things more complicated, pushing back against a policy that states any drug use leads to immediate termination.


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Cast & Characters

In credits order


Also Starring

Special Guest Star

  • Lorraine Bracco as Mayor Margaret Dutton

Guest Starring


  • Maurice Jones as Officer Bigelow
  • Alonzo Bristol as Desk Sergeant
  • Guyviaud Joseph as Uniform #1
  • Kathryn Boswell as College Girl
  • Jennifer Brito as EMT
  • Christian Barber as Uniform #2
  • Noel Elie as Alyssa, Receptionist



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