"Manhattan Queens" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of Blue Bloods.


Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Tiffany Lamp, a popular drag queen from a reality television show who was found murdered in a local park. Meanwhile, Erin reexamines a drug case scheduled for trial after she is abducted by the accused man's mother


Detailed recap of the episode that contains MAJOR SPOILERS.

Frank offers opening remarks at a summit of law enforcement from the tri-state area. When Detective Abigail Baker addresses the audience on scheduling on-stage, Deputy Chief Deluca publicly makes suggestive remarks towards her, interrupting her. While most of the audience burst in laughter, Frank is quietly not amused.

An officer shows Danny and Baez to a crime scene in Van Courtland Park, after a long hike. Another officer, Flanagan, who was first on scene, takes them to a body found inside a golf bag. The CSU tech on-site estimates that the victim has been dead for over a month, and is physically unidentifiable. Baez immediately notices the victim’s Ambrosio noto pink dress, while Danny notices the victim’s wig.

Erin and Nicky are leaving their home together. Erin begins jogging after they part ways, and is closely followed by a white van. This catches Erin’s suspicion, and runs into an alley. A man awaits her, and puts a bag over her head.

Inside the van, a woman who identifies herself as Doris Cooper removes the bag over Erin’s head. Dori explains the reason for her action is to follow-up on the situation of her son, Timothy, who is arrested (for murder and possession of marijuana), and has been in jail for two-and-a-half years without trial. Initially, as stated in their previous phone calls, Erin claims her inability to assist (because she is not the prosecutor in charge of the case). But Doris removes her toupee, reveals her bald head, telling Erin that she is terminally ill with cancer, and her son was buying marijuhana to treat the pain caused by her illness. Doris then gives Erin her card, pleads for her help, and says she does not mind going to jail (and dying there) for abducting her.

At the precinct, Gormley asks Danny and Baez for any leads on Jane Doe, which they do not. But then the ME calls Danny, telling him that the deceased is actually male.

At 1PP, Baker talks to Frank about his schedules. Garrett then shows Frank a video that went viral, of someone driving a lap around Manhattan in 24 minutes, as well as taunting the NYPD Commissioner. Baker hypothesizes that the stunt was committed by Suffolk County Deputy Chief Sal Deluca. The conclusion is made based on Deluca’s speech patterns on the video and his earlier actions towards Baker (made outside the seminar). She believes that this is done to humiliate those around her for rejecting his advances. Frank approves her to further investigate this matter, and believes that the motive (if true) for speeding around Manhattan is much more offensive than the act itself.

At the precinct, without any other leads, Baez finds a website of a drag queen, Tiffany Lamp, who wears an Ambrosio noto pink dress, and believes that she (as Danny knowledgeably points out) is the victim. As Danny searches further, it turns out that the drag queen’s real name is Terry Bell. Baez is becoming curious about Danny’s knowledge in the field of drag queen. Danny explains that he regularly watches the reality show Queen Bee (but maintains this is due to his wife). They head to the location where Tiffany has a regular gig, the Lipstick Lounge.

At the Lipstick Lounge, the detectives are greeted by Tallulah Bangkok (who Danny recognizes, because she was a contestant on Queen Bee). They ask her about Tiffany Lamp, and Tallulah believes she is in Paris. But when the detectives provide the particulars of the deceased, including her signature dress, Tallulah believes it has to be Tiffany. She then emotionally discusses her history with Tiffany (which goes as far as their college days in Yale), and how Tiffany was planning to go to Paris with someone who gave her a diamond ring. Danny then asks Tallulah for Tiffany’s personal items for DNA testing.

Erin visits Thornton, the prosecutor in the Timothy Cooper case. When talking about the case, Thornton does not believe the explanation that the marijuana is for his mother’s pain, and blames the system backlog and defense motions for not having a speedy trial. At Erin’s request, Thornton summarizes the case: Timothy Cooper is accused of shooting the drug dealer, with statements of Barbara Keyes (drug dealer’s girlfriend) and Marius Pierre (co-defendant of the case) collaborating the accusation. At this point, Thornton is clearly offended by Erin’s line of questioning suggesting a lack of due diligence, but agrees to allow her to look into the case.

Baez reads the record of Tiffany's cell phone, and discovers several calls to a burner cell. The report also states that on the night she died, her phone made a wifi connection at Capax Infinity Club, a conservative establishment for Ivy League alumni.

At the club, the detectives question its manager, Skip Ballister. While the club does not have video surveillance from more than 30 days ago, it does have billing records of Terry (who is known as Terrance Bell at the club). The detectives notice a lengthy transaction record before January 18. More importantly, Baez notices many transactions for “S.C.” (short for sidecar, a traditional, seldomly ordered cocktail) on Terry’s account until October. After further searching transaction records, it is discovered that the only other member ordering sidecars is Burden Maxwell, who had been ordering the drink heavily since October. He is now living in the club, as he is going through a divorce. Skip then brings the detectives to Burden Maxwell at the library. He requests to be brought in with dignity. The detectives agree.

Erin visits the home of Barbara Keyes. Barbara emphasizes that she has answered questions about the Timothy Cooper case (many times), and refuses to talk to Erin about it by making it a race issue. Erin notices Barbara’s jacket and compliments it, as Barbara hurriedly gets in her car.

Baker briefs Frank on the reckless driving case. She reports that toll records match the time stamp on the video. Her investigation also traces ownership of the speeding vehicle to Deluca’s brother-in-law. Sensing this is her moment to shine, Frank asks Baker (who Frank refers to as “the lead detective” on the case) for her next move. Although Baker has a plan, she wants the Commissioner to sign off on it first.

Burden Maxwell is at the precinct for question. He admits to meeting Tiffany in October at the club, and becoming lovers shortly thereafter. On the night of January 18, he proposed to Tiffany (who accepted). They planned to go to Paris to celebrate, but Tiffany never came. This leads Burden to believe that Tiffany was trying to scam his diamond ring (which belonged to his grandmother, worth about $200,000 to 300,000). Danny asks whether that was his motive to murder Tiffany, but Burden breaks down in tears, and confesses to “stealing” the diamond ring (which he believes to be communal property in a divorce). Danny leaves the interrogation room, realizing that they got the wrong person for murder, but believes that the diamond is related to Tiffany’s death.

Erin summons Thornton to her office. She talks about Barbara Keyes, and asks how an unemployed person can buy a $3000 coat. Although Thornton brushes off Erin’s conjecture, she has more details: Keyes has a juvenile record in New Jersey with the co-defendant. This leads to Erin concluding that they set up Timothy Cooper. Erin orders Thornton to take the current deal off the table with the defense, citing a problem in Keyes’ testimony.

Talluah introduces Danny and Baez to the drag queens in the lounge’s dressing room. Danny and Baez ask them to provide any details about Tiffany that night (especially the end of it). As they were having champagne to celebrate Tiffany’s engagement that night, most of them cannot recall any details. But not Talluah, who goes to Danny’s precinct. Wishing to talk privately, they go into Gormley’s office (as per Baez). She tells Danny that it may be her business partner, Mickey O’Donnell, who killed Tiffany. She thinks that Mickey and Tiffany may be having a (secret) relationship, until Tiffany met Burden Maxwell. Danny asks for when Mickey shows up to work. Most importantly, she tells him that Mickey is muscular and plays golf.

In Erin’s office, Thornton plays a cassette tape recording of Barbara Keyes’ with Marius Pierre over the payphone at Rikers, which incriminates both of them. He says that the police are searching for her (who will be charged), and also talked to Pierre’s lawyer, who will be recommending his client to accept an 18-year sentence. Thornton shamefully admits to being wrong, in which Erin tells him “to live with it”.

At Sunday dinner, the Reagans discuss the video of the speeding car. Frank says what bothers him about it is the danger it poses to other drivers. Nicky then asks about who has the most speeding tickets growing up. Henry points out that it is Nicky’s “lead-foot mother”, who was once clocked at 112 MPH driving on the Garden State Parkway. Frank uses this opportunity advising Nicky about learning from parents’ mistakes. Henry wants to go into more stories about Erin’s driving history, only to be stopped by her.

At the Lipstick Lounge, Danny (who is wired, and dresses up as Burden Maxwell). He walks towards Mickey O’Donnell, who attentively looks at Danny when he identifies himself as Burden Maxwell. Danny suggests they talk, and sits down. Danny talks about Mickey’s relationship with Tiffany, and demands the diamond ring back. Mickey then takes a beer bottle, and tries to kill Danny. Baez orders all police to go in. In the fight, Danny hits Mickey with his umbrella, and subdues him with his gun, telling Mickey “never bring a beer bottle to a gun fight”. The police come in and arrest Mickey.

Doris Cooper is asked to go to Erin’s office. Erin tells her that the Keyes and Pierre have pleaded guilty for their respective crimes, and her son will be free tonight. Doris tearfully thanks Erin. But still angry over the abduction, Erin says Doris can thank her by leaving before she changes her mind.

Danny visits the Lipstick Lounge, and informs Dennis (Talluah’s real name) that Mickey has been arrested. Dennis also tells Danny to stop using his wife as an excuse for enjoying Queen Bee. They both enjoy a glass of a sidecar, toasting Tiffany Lamp (and Dennis).

Back at the seminar, Frank changes the schedule, and Baker presents a case she has been working on. She presents details of an investigation involving the speeding car (disguised as a drone exercise), which causes Deluca becoming nervous. When drone photos clearly show Deluca as the passenger of the vehicle, he hastily leaves the room. Baker publicly reminds Deluca that the seminar is not over yet, but he cites “urgent business” for his departure. Baker sarcastically comments “what a shame”. The audience bursts in laughter. Frank and Garrett (at the back of the room) delightfully nod in approval.

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