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Joseph "Joe" Conor Reagan was the son of Frank and Mary Reagan, and the third child of the Reagan family: the brother of Danny Reagan, Erin Reagan and Jamie Reagan. He was the biological father of Joseph Hill, who was named after him.


Joe Reagan was an NYPD police detective who died in the line of duty on May 15, 2009 (15 months before the beginning of the series). Not long after Joe was promoted to detective, he began working undercover with the FBI, investigating a group of corrupt NYPD cops, who were operating within a fraternal organization called "Blue Templar ".

The corrupt cops murdered Joe when his covert investigation was getting too close to naming names. Prior to becoming a detective, Joe served as an NYPD warrant officer for 10 years. He died less than one month before his 32nd birthday.


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His training officer, Anthony Renzulli, called him a 'real sweetheart' implying he was more like his younger brother Jamie than his older brother Danny. He often acted as the bridge between his brothers, but still often complained to Jamie about how Danny rode him at work[1].


Although never married, he dated Angela Ferraro. After his death she moved, only to later come back and marry a detective from Narcotics. Out of respect for Joe, she invited the Reagan family to the wedding.  

He briefly dated his former classmate Paula Hill, while they were both still in the Police Academy. Paula would eventually became pregnant with Joe's child, but she never told him about it. She named their son Joseph Hill, after his father.  


Joe is mentioned quite often, especially when there is the death of an officer in the line of duty or grave danger to one of the family. He also is brought up sometimes in arguments, either as an example or illustration of some point.

Latest mention was one of Frank's stories which placed Joe as the oldest of his children[2], although Garrett has mentioned that Frank's stories are 'relevant, but not always true.'[3]

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  • Joe's age is one of the worst continuity errors of the show. His headstone clearly indicates that he was born in 1977, which would place him as the third Reagan child yet he has been called the oldest at least once. Since Erin celebrated her 40th birthday in November of 2015[4], Joe would be approximately 19 months younger than her, and Erin is acknowledged to be younger than Danny by approximately two years[5][6].


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