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"Innocence" is the fourth episode of the second season of Blue Bloods.


 When three unarmed teens are murdered in the park, Danny and Jackie look for a reason why but keep coming up empty. Danny can't believe there isn't some reason for the attack.

Meanwhile, Erin reopens an 18-year-old rape case, running DNA that may exonerate the imprisoned man. The only hitch: the original arresting officer was Frank Reagan.

Elsewhere, Jamie and Sgt. Renzulli respond to a disturbance call to find a young man trying to locate his stolen laptop. Even though Renzulli tells the man they can't do anything, Jamie comes up with the idea to make a sting.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring

  • Josh Burrow as Miles Thomas
  • Philip Ettinger as John-John
  • Anastasia Barzee as Elizabeth Fox
  • Angela Reed as Mrs. Holmes
  • Billy Kay as Xavier Sardina
  • Eric Nelsen as Alex Kasper
  • Jordan Leeds as Michael Sutton
  • Gillian Alexy as Ellen Sloan


  • Marielle Young as Christina Ruiz
  • Stephen Litman as Darren Gorski
  • Juri Henley-Cohn as Luke Avila
  • Albert Christmas as Sanchez
  • Joe Dawson as Justin Armel
  • Juan Castano as Preston Miller
  • Walter T. Mudu as Doorman
  • Tom Deckman as John Dexter
  • Megan Tusing as Stacy Vaghn
  • Samuel Ray Gates as Reporter #1
  • Therese Plaehn as Reporter #3


Notes & Trivia

  • The DVD contains deleted scenes for this episode.
  • Frank Reagan states that when he was 20, the Watergate Scandal was going on. This would make his birth year between 1952-54.


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