Henry Reagan is a retired Police Commissioner and the father of Frank, grandfather of Danny, Erin, Joe (deceased) and Jamie and great-grandfather of Nicky, Jack, and Sean. Henry is the Reagan family patriarch. 


His childhood during the 1930s was hard due to his father's alcoholism and inability to hold a job. Henry was a Marine in World War II and Korea then joined the NYPD in 1952. Like his grandson, Danny, Henry is socially conservative and hates the political correctness of modern law & order. His wife Betty died December 2, 2001.

Henry had a hip replacement before the pilot and has difficulty getting up from a seat the first three episodes.

He had a "war on cholesterol" before giving up in a "tactical retreat".[1] In the same episode, he also discusses a lot about the old days when he was commissioner, and the different expectations people had. He notes that even criminals didn't respect cop-killers.

He used to play handball and now likes to watch it, he taught Danny how to play as well.[2]



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Notes & Trivia

  • Len Cariou, separated in age from Selleck by only six years, wears make-up and a dental prosthetic for the part of Henry.
  • In the first season Henry wore a World Trade Center Commendation bar but has since removed it.


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