"Front Page News" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Blue Bloods.


When they are called to a park looking for a man with a gun, Jamie and Vinny split up to cover more ground before Jamie encounters the man who points a gun at some children. Jamie ends up shooting him and must deal with the emotional fallout of killing the man who later turns out to have committed suicide by cop.

He wants to know more about the man and Danny readily agrees to help, unofficially investigating until he starts to get a clearer picture of what motivated the suicide. Jamie is also required to speak with a trauma counselor before he can be cleared for duty again.

Meanwhile, Erin asks Frank how to deal with Mayor Poole who is supposed to testify in the embezzlement case against a campaign consultant. His efforts to avoid being questioned under oath make Erin think he might know more than he let on.


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Cast & Characters

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring

  • Owiso Odera as Detective Sidney Jeffries
  • Matthew Rauch as Lawrence Skolnick
  • Daniel London as Tyler Green
  • Bob Jesser as Office Manager
  • Jeremy Bobb as Jonathan Gelman
  • Daryl Edwards as Russ Howard
  • Margot White as Vanessa
  • Susie Essman as Judge Clarice Karl


  • Jennifer Restivo as Laura Trent, M.E.
  • Antony Hagopian as Gavin Bryant
  • Gameela Wright as Reporter
  • David Valenti as Biker
  • Susie Stewart Rubio as Woman
  • Jessica Ecklund as Connie
  • Michael Sirow as Man (Tourist)
  • Nicole Coulon as Female (Tourist)




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