"Friends in Need" is the seventeenth episode of the sixth season of Blue Bloods.


When Erin learns that Anthony's cousin Joey has been convincing cops to enter into bad investments, she starts investigating. Initially, Erin is concerned that Anthony's judgement will be clouded, but they continue to work the case and get a break when they meet the widow of Joey's former partner.

Meanwhile, Danny asks Jamie to mentor a rookie who is the son of a fallen Marine comrade. Reluctantly he agrees but finds the guy reckless and a liability both to other officers and the public.

Elsewhere, Frank meets with British Intelligence officials to discuss security policies, only to have one of them want too much information on NYPD tactics.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring

  • Alex Kingston as Commander Sloane Thompson
  • Anthony De Sando as Joey Razzano
  • Michael Drayer as Marcus Beale
  • John Scurti as Detective Harold Reed
  • Michelle Federer as Erika Ramus
  • Catherine Wolf as Aunt Sophia
  • Andrew Dolan as Harold Kellen
  • Kevin Collins as Roger Thornton


  • Pallavi Sastry as Cameron
  • Danny Garcia as Officer Steve
  • Max Killough as Bank Robber #1
  • Jonathan Melo as Bank Robber #2
  • John Weigand as Waiter
  • Christopher Akpobiyeri as Uniform
  • Vanessa Urzia as Erika's Daughter
  • Selena Nelson as Female Bank Clerk




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