"Family Ties" is the twelfth episode of the first season of Blue Bloods.  


When a mob boss' son is murdered at his own engagement party, Danny and Jackie must investigate within the tight-lipped Russian community of Brighton Beach. Surprisingly, one of the family is an old friend of Jackie's from high school, although she seems to have become a completely different person.  

Frank visits with the mob boss, Maximillian Gruschenko, in an effort to head off any potential explosion of violence in response to the crime.  

Meanwhile, Erin is abruptly thrown a high-profile corruption case with a very thin foundation. She must find new leads and bring the case up to par while facing opposition from the family who see it as a political move by her boss. 


Detailed recap of the episode that contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Expand to read.

For the cold open, a Russian dance club with heavy pop music and lights is shown. Inside, Mischa Gruschenko and Sophia descend from the stage as a young couple. Their parents and the best man (Maximillian, Anna, and Boris respectively) celebrate their engagement. However, an attractive young woman has her eyes on Mischa.

Meanwhile Erin watches TV. The newsman announces that Deputy Mayor St Claire is arrested for corruption. Nicky joins her, interrupting, but Erin shooshes her; her boss, Mr Rossellini is making a statement. Nicky playfully asks if Erin's involved in the case, to which Erin smirks but says "he's someone else's headache." Frank, Jamie, and Henry are also watching the news together somewhere else and discuss the political impact.

Back at the club, Sophia needs to go to the toilet and they separate. Mischa runs his hand along the arm of his admirer, and she joins him in a storeroom. She flirts and toys with him, and they make out just as Sophia comes back to look for Mischa, confused at his disappearance. As the woman goes to undress Mischa, the storeroom door suddenly opens to show a hand gripping a pistol. They fire several times and then the door closes. The woman screams as Mischa clutches his chest in shock and falls to the floor.

At his home, Danny Reagan is in bed lying next to Linda and gets the call to come to the neighbourhood of Brighton Beach, noting that it's rather unusual.

(to be continued)

The next day Jackie reveals she knew Anna when they were younger, but that doesn't help their questioning at all. Infuriated that they would accuse her daughter of shooting Mischa in revenge, they leave the room in scorn. Danny and Jackie then investigate Gruschenko's people, questioning Boris, the best man and a member of Gruschenko's mob. He's not willing to cooperate, saying they will "even it on [their] own." They go to Vayakovsky's dress shop and Sophia points them to Sokoloff, a boy who had a crush on Sophia and seemed to be jealous. Her mother rules it out, saying "He's a sweet boy who works in a flower shop," but the detectives decide to visit him anyway. When the detectives later suspect he's involved in a revenge killing, the company van is suddenly bombed and Sergei is rushed to hospital, ruling him out as a suspect.

At the hospital Sokoloff reveals that Svetlana was the admirer at the party, and that she worked with Vayakovsky. At the dress shop Danny reveals her plan: It turns out that Anna had hired her to seduce Mischa, anticipating that her boss would be taking a photo so she could show his licentious nature to her daughter. However, Anna remarks that "She wasn't expecting I'd shoot him," confessing to the crime and showing her displeasure with mob life and marriage. Her daughter is incredulous and Jackie is likewise dismayed, asking "What happened to you?"

Danny also gets Boris – revealed to be the car bomber, and likely involved in the earlier revenge killing too – to give up Gruschenko Senior as ordering the mob attacks. The episode closes with Frank and the detectives arresting Maximillian.

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  • The DVD contains deleted scenes for this episode.


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