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== References ==
== References ==

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Welcome to the Episode Guide, below you can find a list of every episode from every season in sequential order.



No. of
Original Air-dates (US)
DVD Release
1 22 September 24, 2010 May 13, 2011 September 13, 2011
2 22 September 23, 2011 May 11, 2012 September 11, 2012
3 23 September 28, 2012 May 10, 2013 September 10, 2013
4 22 September 27, 2013 May 9, 2014 September 9, 2014
5 22 September 26, 2014 May 1, 2015 September 8, 2015
6 22 September 25, 2015 May 6, 2016 September 20, 2016
7 22 September 23, 2016 May 5, 2017 August 22, 2017
8 22 September 29, 2017 May 11, 2018 August 21, 2018
9 22 September 28, 2018 May 10, 2019 August 20, 2019
10 TBA September 27, 2019 TBA TBA

Season 1

Overall #
BB S1 E1
01 "Pilot" September 24, 2010 01
Jamie graduates from the Police Academy and joins NYPD after deciding not to pursue his career as a lawyer.
BB S1 E2
02 "Samaritan" October 1, 2010 02
A good Samaritan who takes action against a criminal terrorizing the subway has the Reagans pondering the rights and wrongs of vigilantism.
BB S1 E3
03 "Privilege" October 8, 2010 03
Erin, Frank, and Danny must find a way to bring justice for a rape victim when the suspect is protected by diplomatic immunity.
BB S1 E4
04 "Officer Down" October 15, 2010 04
The entire NYPD is mobilized to find the killer of a police officer who exchanged gunfire with robbers during a diamond heist.
BB S1 E5
05 "What You See" October 22, 2010 05
The Reagans argue the pros and cons of profiling as Frank, Danny, and the rest of the NYPD search for a bomb that's set to detonate in Manhattan.
BB S1 E6
06 "Smack Attack" October 29, 2010 06
Danny must find the narcotic source when three teenagers die from a drug overdose.
BB S1 E7
07 "Brothers" November 5, 2010 07
Erin's family debates her methods when she uses a law-abiding citizen as bait to take down his gang leader brother.
BB S1 E8
08 "Chinatown" November 12, 2010 08
Jamie witnesses a crime in progress and kills the suspect while pursuing him. Danny must solve the case to clear Jamie's name.
BB S1 E9
09 "Re-Do" November 19, 2010 09
Three released prison inmates place the Reagan family in danger. They try to get one of the criminal's surviving victims to testify against him.
BB S1 E10
10 "After Hours" December 3, 2010 10
While Danny investigates the murder of a popular nightclub's doorman, Frank gets information that his ex-partner is covering up crimes.
BB S1 E11
11 "Little Fish" January 19, 2011 11
A cold case of Frank's is brought to the forefront when a missing boy's remains are found. Danny and Jackie look into the death of a high-end escort.
BB S1 E12
12 "Family Ties" January 26, 2011 12
Danny investigates when the son of a Russian gangster is killed and Erin is assigned a high-profile corruption case.
BB S1 E13
13 "Hall of Mirrors" February 2, 2011 13
Because it involves classified information and a sleeper cell, Frank assigns Danny to cover the shooting of an undercover counter-terrorism agent.
BB S1 E14
14 "My Funny Valentine" February 9, 2011 14
A drug addict becomes the prime focus of Danny and Jackie's investigation after the man's girlfriend is kidnapped and held for ransom.
BB S1 E15
15 "Dedication" February 18, 2011 15
Is someone out to assassinate the Commissioner or was the shooting random? Danny takes on the assignment to find out the answer.
BB S1 E16
16 "Age of Innocence" February 25, 2011 16
Nicky goes with Danny to a crime scene where a girl has been murdered, and she has a difficult time coping after seeing her first murder victim.
BB S1 E17
17 "Silver Star" March 11, 2011 17
As a former Marine, Danny feels responsible for finding the killer of a Marine war hero. There is a false rumor that Frank is going to run for mayor.
BB S1 E18
18 "To Tell the Truth" April 1, 2011 18
Just before Danny is to testify at a Peruvian drug lord's murder trial, Linda is kidnapped. This drug lord has a history of intimidating witnesses.
BB S1 E19
19 "Model Behavior" April 8, 2011 19
Danny and Jackie investigate the cut-throat world of fashion after Linda's runway model niece and a reporter are poisoned at a fashion show.
BB S1 E20
20 "All That Glitters" April 29, 2011 20
Frank's frustrations rise when the media sensationalizes the murder of a tourist shot and killed outside a trendy Lower East Side restaurant.
BB S1 E21
21 "Cellar Boy" May 6, 2011 21
Neighbors of the Reagans are murdered, and their son becomes the prime suspect. Jamie is convinced he's being pursued by the Blue Templar.
BB S1 E22
22 "The Blue Templar" May 13, 2011 22
When a drug bust points to dirty cops, Frank decides not to involve Internal Affairs in the hopes of taking down and exposing the Blue Templar.

Season 2

Overall #
BB S2 E1
01 "Mercy" September 23, 2011 23
When one of his supporters is murdered, the new mayor pressures Frank to spin the killing as a random act of violence.
BB S2 E2
02 "Friendly Fire" September 30, 2011 24
After Danny accidentally shoots a cop, Internal Affairs starts an investigation, focusing on his state of mind at the time of the shooting.
BB S2 E3
03 "Critical Condition" October 7, 2011 25
Danny discovers that a former cop is one of the men who attempted to rob a bank. Meanwhile, Jamie gets a new partner.
BB S2 E4
04 "Innocence" October 14, 2011 26
Erin reopens an 18-year-old rape case first investigated by Frank. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie probe the murders of three teens in a park.
BB S2 E5
05 "A Night on the Town" October 21, 2011 27
While on a case, Danny tries to swing a romantic weekend with Linda. Elsewhere, Jamie's undercover assignment takes him inside a crime family.
BB S2 E6
06 "Black and Blue" November 4, 2011 28
Frank must deal with a political crisis after Jamie and Renzulli are injured while attempting to enter a religious center in response to a 911 call.
BB S2 E7
07 "Lonely Hearts Club" November 11, 2011 29
When a serial killer starts targeting prostitutes, Jackie goes undercover as an escort. Meanwhile, Erin meets a man who shares her interests.
BB S2 E8
08 "Thanksgiving" November 18, 2011 30
Henry's heart attack on Thanksgiving Eve leaves the family pondering a future without him. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie look into an alleged suicide.
BB S2 E9
09 "Moonlighting" December 2, 2011 31
To get leniency for his son, an ex-mobster helps Danny on some cold cases. Meanwhile, Jamie workes undercover in the Sanfino crime family.
BB S2 E10
10 "Whistle Blower" January 6, 2012 32
When Erin's confidential informant is murdered, she blames herself and works to help Danny discover who killed him.
BB S2 E11
11 "The Uniform" January 13, 2012 33
Danny and Jackie investigate when a uniformed officer is seen fleeing the scene of a murder at a diner.
BB S2 E12
12 "The Job" February 3, 2012 34
While driving his family home, Danny becomes involved in a shooting after his car strikes a man running from a gunman.
BB S2 E13
13 "Leap of Faith" February 10, 2012 35
When a rich woman dies of a heart attack, her daughter claims God told her that her mother was murdered, prompting Danny and Jackie to investigate.
BB S2 E14
14 "Parenthood" February 17, 2012 36
When a thief is shot and killed after robbing and beating a family, the Reagans ponder how far they'd go to protect one another.
BB S2 E15
15 "The Life We Chose" February 24, 2012 37
Danny's family worries about his emotional state as he and Jackie investigate the murder of a Reagan family friend who was an undercover detective.
BB S2 E16
16 "Women With Guns" March 2, 2012 38
A high-profile reporter, who happens to be a close friend of Franks, is almost assaulted. Elsewhere, Jamie's undercover case reaches a crucial stage.
BB S2 E17
17 "Reagan v. Reagan" March 9, 2012 39
While Erin is prosecuting a homicide case, the defendant's lawyer is murdered. Danny investigates, and things get tense when Erin cross-examines him.
BB S2 E18
18 "No Questions Asked" March 30, 2012 40
A gun buyback program has a no-questions-asked rule, but when a returned gun is linked to a robbery, Danny must decide whether to arrest the suspect.
BB S2 E19
19 "Some Kind of Hero" April 6, 2012 41
Pressured by the son of a firefighter whose death was ruled a suicide, Danny reopens a closed case, enraging his fellow detectives.
BB S2 E20
20 "Working Girls" April 27, 2012 42
After an attempt is made on the life of a witness in protective custody, Danny and Jackie discover a leak within the department.
BB S2 E21
21 "Collateral Damage" May 4, 2012 43
A big-spending investor's death looks suspicious to Danny and Jackie. Meanwhile, Jamie is placed under house arrest when a hit is put out on his life.
BB S2 E22
22 "Mother’s Day" May 11, 2012 44
Unbeknownst to his family, Frank must deal with a potential biological weapons attack on New York City as the Reagans celebrate Mother's Day.

Season 3

Overall #
BB S3 E1
01 "Family Business" September 28, 2012 45
A dangerous criminal from Danny’s past comes back to seek revenge and kidnaps Jackie. Meanwhile, Jamie meets his new partner.
BB S3 E2
02 "Domestic Disturbance" October 5, 2012 46
When an injured woman decants her claim of domestic violence, Danny and Jackie find out that she is involved in a secret relationship.
BB S3 E3
03 "Old Wounds" October 12, 2012 47
Danny believes a serial killer is on the loose when two separate murder victims are identified as members of a group charged with a gang rape.
BB S3 E4
04 "Scorched Earth" October 19, 2012 48
Danny and Jackie set out to investigate the murder of a bride on her wedding day in a drive-by gang shooting, but are diverted to a different case.
BB S3 E5
05 "Risk and Reward" October 26, 2012 49
Shortly after Frank awards a detective with a medal for his undercover work in Malaysia, the detective is taken hostage by a Malaysian drug lord.
BB S3 E6
06 "Greener Grass" November 9, 2012 50
When Erin's key witness, an infamous photographer, is nearly killed in a hit and run, she arranges for Danny to safeguard him.
BB S3 E7
07 "Nightmares" November 9, 2012 51
When a knife-wielding attacker dressed as Baron Samedi, the Spirit of Death, stabs a man in costume on Halloween, Danny enters the world of voodoo alongside an unexpected interim partner, Kate Lansing from the IAB (Megan Ketch).
BB S3 E8
08 "Higher Education" November 30, 2012 52
Danny arrives at a college campus to find a murdered student, who was thought to be dealing drugs.
BB S3 E9
09 "Secrets and Lies" December 7, 2012 53
When Danny and Kate come up empty-handed on leads for a shooting, Linda overhears the victim telling his priest who is responsible.
BB S3 E10
10 "Fathers and Sons" January 4, 2013 54
When two motorists driving gas-guzzling cars die at the hands of a sniper, the city believes it's the work of a radical environmental serial killer.
BB S3 E11
11 "Front Page News" January 11, 2013 55
Jamie must deal with the emotional consequences of his actions on the job when he has a confrontation with a suicidal man.
BB S3 E12
12 "Framed" January 18, 2013 56
Danny's car matches an NYPD description of a vehicle involved in a drug deal, and he is taken into custody when cocaine is found in the trunk. At the episode's conclusion, Kate tells Danny that she's returning to IAB.
BB S3 E13
13 "Inside Jobs" February 1, 2013 57
When a man with multiple rat bites is thrown from a moving car, Danny works the case to find out who was trying to send a message and why, with new partner Candice "Mac" McElroy (Megan Boone), an Airborne war veteran.
BB S3 E14
14 "Men in Black" February 8, 2013 58
Before a Hasidic grand rebbe passes away, he chooses his youngest son to succeed him. But when the new appointee dies suddenly, Danny investigates.
BB S3 E15
15 "Warriors" February 15, 2013 59
When a 10-year old boy is the victim of an incident in the projects, Danny's heated approach to the cases lands him in anger management class.
BB S3 E16
16 "Quid Pro Quo" February 22, 2013 60
Erin and Danny investigate a cold case involving a girl who was attacked by her rich and powerful boyfriend, who was never convicted.
BB S3 E17
17 "Protest Too Much" March 8, 2013 61
When an off-duty cop tries to stop a bank robbery, he is disarmed by the "Bonnie and Clyde" robbers who take his gun and wound an innocent bystander. Danny looks into this situation with Detective Maria Baez, who will become his new long-standing partner.
BB S3 E18
18 "No Regrets" March 15, 2013 62
When the same tragedy occurs to people who don't appear to be connected, Danny must find out what they have in common and who is responsible.
BB S3 E19
19 "Loss of Faith" April 5, 2013 63
When a religious young women is murdered, Danny questions her family members, who are shocked to learn that she had a secret relationship.
BB S3 E20
20 "Ends and Means" April 12, 2013 64
When two Wall Street brokers are killed in drug deals, Danny looks to question a wounded accomplice at the hospital, but he is stopped by Linda.
BB S3 E21
21 "Devil's Breath" April 26, 2013 65
When Danny finds a disoriented man covered in blood in a park, he finds it hard to believe that the man has no recollection of the night's events.
BB S3 E22
22 "The Bitter End" May 3, 2013 66
When a young woman commits suicide, Danny is emotional because he promised to help the woman when her parents were taken from her.
BB S3 E23
23 "This Way Out" May 10, 2013 67
As the Reagans rally to take down a gang leader responsible for the murder of someone close to them, Danny looks to the leader's girlfriend for help.

Season 4

Overall #
BB S4 E1
01 "Unwritten Rules" September 27, 2013 68
When an armed robbery ends with the death of a police officer, Frank makes it a mission for the NYPD to bring the suspect to justice.
BB S4 E2
02 "The City That Never Sleeps" October 4, 2013 69
When famous movie star Russell Berke is stabbed, Danny goes to his aid but must keep the crime on the down-low due to Berke's celebrity status.
BB S4 E3
03 "To Protect and Serve" October 11, 2013 70
Danny becomes the lead hostage negotiator when a prime informant in a large drug case holds Erin at gunpoint inside the courtroom.
BB S4 E4
04 "The Truth About Lying" October 18, 2013 71
Danny and Baez investigate the death of a teenage girl who appears to have been pushed in front of a subway car by a homeless man.
BB S4 E5
05 "Lost and Found" October 25, 2013 72
When Danny and Baez suspect a little girl might be the victim of a kidnapping, the girl's mother denies it, but her story doesn't add up.
BB S4 E6
06 "Growing Boys" November 1, 2013 73
Whena gangbanger dies after Jamie chases him away from the boy he's mentoring, Jamie's conduct is called into question.
BB S4 E7
07 "Drawing Dead" November 8, 2013 74
When an officer is accused of using excessive force on a suspect, Frank finds his department under scrutiny from the community and the Mayor.
BB S4 E8
08 "Justice Served" November 15, 2013 75
After Frank has dinner with mob lawyer Angelo Gallo, Gallo is shot and Frank must figure out how to catch the shooter without endangering Gallo further.
BB S4 E9
09 "Bad Blood" November 22, 2013 76
Danny and Baez investigate a homicide in which Baez's estranged brother, a former drug addict, is the lead suspect.
BB S4 E10
10 "Mistaken Identity" December 13, 2013 77
Danny and Baez investigate a local bombing, but meet with tension and resistance from the community during the investigation.
BB S4 E11
11 "Ties That Bind" December 20, 2013 78
Danny's loyalty is tested when he's assigned to the case of a childhood friend who is under investigation for having ties to an infamous mob family.
BB S4 E12
12 "The Bogeyman" January 10, 2014 79
When Danny learns from Nicky that there's a deadly new brand of heroin hitting the streets, he begins an all-out manhunt for the distributor.
BB S4 E13
13 "Unfinished Business" January 10, 2014 80
Danny and Baez must track down a veteran who may be suffering from PTSD. Meanwhile, Frank is caught off-guard during a press conference.
BB S4 E14
14 "Manhattan Queens" January 10, 2014 81
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of Tiffany Lamp, a popular drag queen from a reality television show who was found murdered in a local park.
BB S4 E15
15 "Open Secrets" February 28, 2014 82
When Danny and Baez investigate the kidnapping of a young girl who disappeared after school, it brings back difficult memories for Danny.
BB S4 E16
16 "Insult to Injury" March 7, 2014 83
Danny takes a call from a woman who is threatening to kill herself along with the man who killer her parents in a drunk-driving accident.
BB S4 E17
17 "Knockout Game" March 14, 2014 84
Danny and Baez investigate when an expectant mother is victim of a "knockout game," in which teenagers punch unsuspecting civilians in the head.
BB S4 E18
18 "Righting Wrongs" April 4, 2014 85
Danny and Baez investigate the death of a woman whose body was dumped after she died in the wake of a "secret" plastic surgery.
BB S4 E19
19 "Secret Arrangements" April 11, 2014 86
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a respected college professor who was involved with a questionable scholarship program.
BB S4 E20
20 "Custody Battle" April 25, 2014 87
Erin is assigned to investigate a case in which an on-duty police officer is accused of killing a suspect already in custody.
BB S4 E21
21 "Above and Beyond" May 2, 2014 88
When a detective from Danny's precinct is killed while working undercover, Frank puts on a full-court press to find his killer.
BB S4 E22
22 "Exiles" May 9, 2014 89
When Danny is placed on modified duty after investigating a case that was off-limits, he realizes somebody is trying to keep something quiet.

Season 5

Overall #
BB S5 E1
01 "Partners" September 26, 2014 90
Danny goes after the drug cartel responsible for Baez's injury. Frank is put in a difficult position when a top Lieutenant's behavior is questioned.
BB S5 E2
02 "Forgive and Forget" October 3, 2014 91
Jamie puts himself on the line for a fellow officer who's being ostracized. Danny and Erin butt heads when an old case takes a new turn.
BB S5 E3
03 "Burning Bridges" October 10, 2014 92
Danny and Baez are temporarily assigned new partners when a Detective is outed and his current partner won't ride with him.
BB S5 E4
04 "Excessive Force" October 17, 2014 93
When Danny is accused of police brutality, Frank must choose sides. Jamie's connection to an attractive doctor triggers Eddie's jealousy.
BB S5 E5
05 "Loose Lips" October 24, 2014 94
An abusive boyfriend targets Jamie for intervening in a domestic battle. After Henry's insensitive comments are leaked, Frank must manage the scandal.
BB S5 E6
06 "Most Wanted" October 31, 2014 95
Frank and Danny look for evidence to put an international criminal behind bars. Erin considers private practice to pay for Nicky's college.
BB S5 E7
07 "Shoot the Messenger" November 7, 2014 96
Frank is taken by surprise during an on-air interview with Erin's boss. Danny and his new boss clash as they investigate a drive-by shooting.
BB S5 E8
08 "Power of the Press" November 21, 2014 97
When a cop's body camera malfunctions during a civilian scuffle, Frank must handle the backlash. Erin investigates a friends' daughter's alleged rape.
BB S5 E9
09 "Under the Gun" December 12, 2014 98
Danny and Baez investigate when three community leaders are killed in apparent hate crimes, while a concerned group puts pressure on Frank.
BB S5 E10
10 "Sins of the Father" January 2, 2015 99
Frank wants to put away a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry's colleagues years earlier. Danny and Baez probe the murders of adult film stars.
BB S5 E11
11 "Baggage" January 9, 2015 100
While investigating a bank robbery, Danny struggles with the right thing to do when he learns the heist was committed to fund a noble cause.
BB S5 E12
12 "Home Sweet Home" January 16, 2015 101
A homeless teen claims his aunt was killed by her boyfriend. Erin is unhappy to be replaced as prosecutor on a case involving a corrections officer.
BB S5 E13
13 "Love Stories" January 30, 2015 102
Danny and Baez investigate when a homeowner shoots an intruder. Meanwhile, a young attorney seeks justice for his imprisoned mother.
BB S5 E14
14 "The Poor Door" February 6, 2015 103
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a low-income resident in a luxury building. Frank butts heads with one of Gormley's detective friends.
BB S5 E15
15 "Power Players" February 13, 2015 104
A mob informant comes out of hiding to testify at Erin's case. Frank and the Mayor face off over police benefits.
BB S5 E16
16 "In The Box" February 20, 2015 105
Baez is held hostage by a father fighting a restraining order, and Danny must decide whether to meet his demands. Garrett asks Frank for help.
BB S5 E17
17 "Occupational Hazards" March 6, 2015 106
Erin is shaken after an assailant breaks into her apartment and later assaults her colleague. Frank investigates a charity that's raising money with the NYPD logo.
BB S5 E18
18 "Bad Company" March 13, 2015 107
To take down a kidnapping ring that is luring young women through fake youth hostel websites, Eddie goes undercover for the first time.
BB S5 E19
19 "Through the Looking Glass" April 3, 2015 108
A reporter refuses to reveal the identity of a source who confesses to murder. Danny mentors a troubled teenager in an NYPD youth program.
BB S5 E20
20 "Payback" April 10, 2015 109
When a TV chef is murdered, Danny and Baez think the confessed killer may be hiding something. Frank's senator friend wants him to fix a DUI charge for a girlfriend.
BB S5 E21
21 "New Rules" April 24, 2015 110
When the NYPD's Deputy Chief and his wife are murdered, Frank suspects a gang hit and sends Danny and Baez into gang territory.
BB S5 E22
22 "The Art of War" May 1, 2015 111
Danny tries to track the gang member responsible for a close-to-home shooting and must convince witnesses to testify.

Season 6

Overall #
BB S6 E1
01 "Worst Case Scenario" September 25, 2015 112
As terrorists strike around the world, Frank quietly prepares New York for the worst while Danny and Baez try to track suspected bombers.
BB S6 E2
02 "Absolute Power" October 2, 2015 113
While Danny and Baez hunt a serial killer who targets young women, a mayoral candidate accuses Frank of corruption, and Erin ponders becoming a judge.
BB S6 E3
03 "All the News That's Fit to Click" October 9, 2015 114
Shot while riding with Jamie and Eddie, a cocky reporter stymies the hunt for the shooter so he can turn the situation into a career-making story.
BB S6 E4
04 "With Friends Like These" October 16, 2015 115
Erin turns to a former mob informant for help investigating a murder. Jamie and Eddie run into red tape trying to help a mentally unstable woman.
BB S6 E5
05 "Backstabbers" October 23, 2015 116
Danny and Baez bend the rules to find an escaped convict that Danny regrets sending to prison. Meanwhile, Nicky uses family clout to help a friend.
BB S6 E6
06 "Rush to Judgement" October 30, 2015 117
Internal Affairs scrutinizes Jamie after he's accused of police brutality at a demonstration, and a civil rights lawyer gets caught up in a rape case.
BB S6 E7
07 "The Bullitt Mustang" November 6, 2015 118
Danny and Baez go in search of a stolen car made famous in the movies, and a feud over parking tickets escalates between Erin's office and the cops.
BB S6 E8
08 "Unsung Heroes" November 13, 2015 119
While Danny tracks a serial killer who's threatening his family, Jamie's run-in with a reckless colleague reveals a troubling secret.
BB S6 E9
09 "Hold Outs" November 20, 2015 120
Erin tries to locate a witness to re-try a murder case that ended in a hung jury. Jamie and Eddie go undercover a senior citizens to solve robberies.
BB S6 E10
10 "Flags of Our Fathers" December 11, 2015 121
Frank faces a free-speech showdown when protesters plan to burn the American flag in Central Park, and Danny faces tough questions about an old case.
BB S6 E11
11 "Back in the Day" January 8, 2016 122
Frank's old partner intends to publish a potentially damaging tell-all book while Jamie and Eddie suffer a rift over responding to an emergency call.
BB S6 E12
12 "Cursed" January 15, 2016 123
When an officer requests Joe's old badge number, Frank wonders if the shield is a bad omen. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez set a trap for a mob killer.
BB S6 E13
13 "Stomping Grounds" January 22, 2016 124
Baez schemes to bring justice to a drug dealer who once killed a boy in her neighborhood, and Eddie faces sexual harassment from a superior.
BB S6 E14
14 "The Road to Hell" February 12, 2016 125
Danny faces a curious problem when several prostitutes each claim to have murdered their pimp, and Nicky clams up after getting busted for possession.
BB S6 E15
15 "Fresh Start" February 19, 2016 126
Erin faces intense scrutiny when a man she released is accused of murder, meanwhile Danny and Baez go in search of a missing cop in need of intervention.
BB S6 E16
16 "Help Me Help You" February 26, 2016 127
Danny and Baez intervene when a man becomes increasingly hostile toward his ex-wife's boyfriend. Erin confronts an old mentor who is now a judge.
BB S6 E17
17 "Friends in Need" March 11, 2016 128
Jamie reluctantly agrees to mentor a rookie who turns out to be a loose cannon. Meanwhile, Erin investigates a shady investment scheme that targets police.
BB S6 E18
18 "Town Without Pity" April 1, 2016 129
A convicted killer who has turned his life around faces fresh murder charges, and Erin confronts a lawyer who is using a suspect to boost her podcast.
BB S6 E19
19 "Blast from the Past" April 8, 2016 130
Baez gets a jolt when she and Danny must team up with her ex-boyfriend. Frank wrestles with promoting a cop who once shot an unarmed teen.
BB S6 E20
20 "Down the Rabbit Hole" April 15, 2016 131
Danny forms an uneasy alliance with the FBI when the serial killer who has eluded him strikes again, this time with Nicky in his sights.
BB S6 E21
21 "The Extra Mile" April 29, 2016 132
Erin plays her cards shrewdly when a frightened witness goes on the run while Danny and Baez look into a puzzling convenience store robbery.
BB S6 E22
22 "Blowback" May 6, 2016 133
Frank and Erin face a major crisis when public outrage over a cop who shot a teen spills over into violence directed back at police.

Season 7

Overall #
BB S7 E1
01 "The Greater Good" September 23, 2016 134
The Attorney General gets new evidence in Thomas Wilder's shooting and comes after Danny. Meanwhile, an Officer's widow pleas with Frank to keep her son from graduating the Academy and off the force.
BB S7 E2
02 "Good Cop Bad Cop" September 30, 2016 135
Danny and Baez investigate when an elderly woman is killed in her apartment by a stray bullet. Frank disciplines a disrespectful officer on duty and faces criticism from the ranks.
BB S7 E3
03 "The Price of Justice" October 7, 2016 136
Danny and Baez butt heads when a traumatized victim wavers on pressing charges. Jamie gets a job offer as an adviser for a TV show, and Frank faces a publicity nightmare.
BB S7 E4
04 "Mob Rules" October 14, 2016 137
When Lieutenant Gormley is attacked by a mob, Frank accepts the help of a Detective with family ties to the area.
BB S7 E5
05 "For the Community" October 21, 2016 138
Erin and Anthony work to keep an activist from being deported, and Frank has to decide if the NYPD will join in a raid with U.S. Marshals.
BB S7 E6
06 "Whistleblowers" October 28, 2016 139
An Officer goes to the Attorney General with claims of abuse of power in the NYPD, and Danny and Baez investigate the suspicious case of a waitress who was hit by a car after calling out for the police.
BB S7 E7
07 "Guilt by Association" November 4, 2016 140
Danny's witness is killed before testifying, meanwhile Robert Lewis pressures Frank to approve of the Attorney General's investigation into excessive-force in the NYPD.
BB S7 E8
08 "Personal Business" November 11, 2016 141
Danny and Baez investigate when a woman's abusive ex is murdered, and Frank is forced to discipline an off-duty sergeant who failed to intervene in an armed robbery.
BB S7 E9
09 "Confessions" November 18, 2016 142
A priest's seal of confession complicates the search for a missing boy. Danny and Baez investigate the death of a socialite.
BB S7 E10
10 "Unbearable Loss" December 9, 2016 143
When the son of one of the NYPD's harshest critics is murdered, he must try to set aside his resentment to help the investigation. Erin and Anthony investigate a prison-transfer turned fatal.
BB S7 E11
11 "Genetics" January 6, 2017 144
Called to the scene of a dispute between adoptive parents and birth parents, Eddie and Jamie try to help by asking Erin to give legal advice and keep it out of the courts.
BB S7 E12
12 "Not Fade Away" January 13, 2017 145
A recently released ex-con asks Danny to act as a bodyguard and Danny agrees if only to find out who the real killer was.
BB S7 E13
13 "The One That Got Away" January 20, 2017 146
Danny and Baez's child abuse case is complicated by diplomatic immunity, becoming even more so when Frank steps in.
BB S7 E14
14 "In and Out" February 3, 2017 147
A gang leader's murder exposes a love affair between an ex-con and his parole officer while Frank tries to moderate a rival gang's response.
BB S7 E15
15 "Lost Souls" February 10, 2017 148
Danny and Baez hesitate to arrest a suspect when they discover his victim killed a mother and her son while driving drunk.
BB S7 E16
16 "Hard Bargain" February 17, 2017 149
In trouble with the mob, Danny's brother-in-law begs for protection. Frank faces a demand to release to the public NYPD disciplinary records.
BB S7 E17
17 "Shadow of a Doubt" March 10, 2017 150
Jamie and Eddie are suspicious of an EMT who failed to respond to the 911 call of his wife when she suffered a fatal allergic reaction.
BB S7 E18
18 "A Deep Blue Goodbye" March 31, 2017 151
A former officer goes missing after expressing the desire to apologize to a woman she feels she wrongly put away. Frank has to deal with a chief who is fighting mandatory retirement.
BB S7 E19
19 "Love Lost" April 7, 2017 152
Erin is opposed in court by her ex-husband. Danny and Baez investigate a husband for the death of his wife, and Jamie ends up riding with a new partner.
BB S7 E20
20 "No Retreat, No Surrender" April 14, 2017 153
While Frank looks into charges of misconduct within the Mayor's office, Erin tries to help a former witness rid his apartment building of a drug operation.
BB S7 E21
21 "Foreign Interference" April 28, 2017 154
Partnered with Russian operatives, Danny and Baez must locate a dangerous ex-KGB agent. Frank must handle a sensitive case involving an archbishop.
BB S7 E22
22 "The Thin Blue Line" May 5, 2017 155
After his theories about a serial killer are brushed off, Jamie investigates on his own. Meanwhile Danny helps confiscate millions in drugs and money from a Mexican cartel which makes his family a target.

Season 8

Overall #
BB S8 E1
01 "Cutting Losses" September 29, 2017 156
Danny considers retiring until Erin asks for his help with a case involving her ex-husband. Jamie and Eddie pose as a couple, and Frank clashes with the new Mayor.
BB S8 E2
02 "Ghosts of the Past" October 6, 2017 157
Frank reluctantly agrees to the Mayor's request to march in a parade honoring a man who conspired in a bombing against the police.
BB S8 E3
03 "The Enemy of My Enemy" October 13, 2017 158
Danny and Baez investigate possible foul play in the death of the presiding judge on Erin's case against a human trafficker.
BB S8 E4
04 "Out of the Blue" October 20, 2017 159
Danny and Baez work the case of a detective who was gunned down prior to testifying against a career criminal.
BB S8 E5
05 "The Forgotten" October 27, 2017 160
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a single mother whose ex-husband has a history of violence.
BB S8 E6
06 "Brushed Off" November 3, 2017 161
Danny and Baez search for clues after a famous basketball player suspiciously overdoses on drugs.
BB S8 E7
07 "Common Ground" November 10, 2017 162
A case turns personal for Danny when he works to protect a nurse who was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend.
BB S8 E8
08 "Pick Your Poison" November 17, 2017 163
Eddie's judgement is clouded by her past when she arrests a loathed acquaintance from college on questionable charges.
BB S8 E9
09 "Pain Killers" December 1, 2017 164
While on a job with Danny, Baez comes into contact with drugs and is soon fighting for her life from an accidental overdose.
BB S8 E10
10 "Heavy is the Head" December 8, 2017 165
Erin is conflicted when Jamie and Eddie ask her to help drop old charges against a man who just bravely rescued a woman from a local hostage situation.
BB S8 E11
11 "Second Chances" January 5, 2018 166
Danny and Baez launch an investigation into the disappearance of a journalist who was digging into a 15-year-old homicide case.
BB S8 E12
12 "The Brave" January 12, 2018 167
Anthony is shot while interviewing a witness and Erin enlists his archenemy, Danny, to investigate the case.
BB S8 E13
13 "Erasing History" January 19, 2018 168
When Henry is a key witness on Danny and Baez's case, his meddling pushes Danny's buttons until he leads them to valuable information.
BB S8 E14
14 "School of Hard Knocks" February 2, 2018 169
As Danny and Baez try to thwart further gang violence at a high school, the principal recklessly takes matters into his own hands.
BB S8 E15
15 "Legacy" March 2, 2018 170
Danny considers taking a new, more profitable job, after investigating the death of a wealthy man and Nicky is sexually harassed by her new boss.
BB S8 E16
16 "Tale of Two Cities" March 9, 2018 171
Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a man who was living a double life, and Erin needs Anthony’s help investigating his former partner.
BB S8 E17
17 "Close Calls" March 30, 2018 172
Danny forces his brother-in-law to help Baez take down the mobsters he’s mixed up with.
BB S8 E18
18 "Friendship, Love, and Loyalty" April 6, 2018 173
After a woman voices her outrage regarding the NYPD’s inability to find her son’s murderer, Danny reexamines the case, upsetting Erin and the original detective.
BB S8 E19
19 "Risk Management" April 13, 2018 174
Danny and Baez race to find a missing girl who will die without her heart medication.
BB S8 E20
20 "Your Six" April 27, 2018 175
Danny resorts to asking his incarcerated arch-enemy for help when a dangerous convict escapes from prison.
BB S8 E21
21 "The Devil You Know" May 4, 2018 176
Frank goes head-to-head with a data-tracking company when they refuse to unlock the phone of a terrorist.
BB S8 E22
22 "My Aim is True" May 11, 2018 177
Danny and Baez investigate a string of drive-by shootings they believe might be related to the recent release of six wrongly convicted men from prison.

Season 9

Overall #
BB 09x01
01 "Playing With Fire" September 28, 2018 178
Danny goes after the drug cartel member he believes burned down his house and Jamie butts heads with Frank regarding his desire to continue riding with Eddie.
BB 09x02
02 "Meet the New Boss" October 5, 2018 179
With Frank’s safety at risk, Danny is tasked with tracking down the former NYPD detective Gormley believes may be responsible, and Jamie takes a new job.
BB S9 E03
03 "Mind Games" October 12, 2018 180
Danny and Baez work a case of a woman who shot her husband while she was drunk, Frank holds an emergency drill for his inner circle, Anthony ignores Erin’s orders, and Jamie and Eddie contemplate working together again.
BB S9 E4
04 "Blackout" October 19, 2018 181
In the aftermath of a blackout in NYC, Frank uncovers some unpleasant truths about his department, and Jamie and Eddie question the line between their relationship and work.
BB S9 E05
05 "Thicker Than Water" October 26, 2018 182
Danny and Baez discover a celebrated fertility doctor with a pristine reputation has multiple enemies, and Eddie intervenes in a Reagan family matter after Sean calls her for help.
BB S9 E6
06 "Trust" November 2, 2018 183
Jamie clashes with Eddie and her partner after they fail to intervene in a public dispute, and Danny and Baez investigate a fraternity when a freshman pledge winds up dead.
BB S9 E7
07 "By Hook Or By Crook" November 9, 2018 184
Danny sets out to bring down Luis Delgado, the drug cartel hitman who torched his house, and Eddie introduce Jamie to her mother.
BB S9 E8
08 "Stirring the Pot" November 16, 2018 185
Frank and Erin clash over the DA’s proposal for new legislation that undermines Franks policies and Erin is at odds with the governor regarding sex trafficking laws.
BB S9 E9
09 "Handcuffs" November 30, 2018 186
Frank orders a raid on an apartment complex after a group of cops are harassed by the residents.
BB S9 E10
10 "Authority Figures" December 7, 2018 187
Frank focuses his attention on identifying the cop who leaked a video showing officers committing entrapment.
BB S9 E11
11 "Disrupted" January 4, 2019 188
Frank questions whether a run-in with community activists was an accident or a setup. Meanwhile Jamie strives to make his own decisions, and Erin helps Anthony protect his daughter and ex-wife
BB S9 E12
12 "Milestones" January 11, 2019 189
Frank tries to reinstate an officer he previously fired and Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a star basketball player who was tied to the world of sports betting
BB S9 E13
13 "Ripple Effect" February 1, 2019 190
A medium approaches Danny and Baez claiming to know what happened to a woman who was found dead of an apparent suicide, and Frank goes against the wishes of the archbishop when he believes a man is laundering $ from a charity
BB S9 E14
14 "My Brother's Keeper" February 8, 2019 191
It’s Reagan versus Reagan after Danny disobeys Jamie’s direct order during a hostage negotiation & Nicky comes to Erin for help when her friend is in jeopardy of losing his scholarship
BB S9 E15
15 "Blues" February 15, 2019 192
Danny is involved in a dangerous situation while off duty that leaves him shaken, and Eddie gets important info about one of Erin’s cases
BB S9 E16
16 "Past Tense" March 8, 2019 193
After a woman is murdered in her own apartment, Danny and Baez turn to her daughter for help. Also, someone from Jamie and Eddie’s past launches a smear campaign against them.
BB S9 E17
17 "Two-Faced" March 15, 2019 194
Frank’s former partner reveals NYPD’s dirty laundry in an exposé, Erin must decide if a man intentionally killed his terminally ill daughter & Jamie learns there’s corruption in his precinct
BB S9 E18
18 "Rectify" April 5, 2019 195
Frank must decide whether to implement a more rigorous fitness test for the NYPD after an officer has trouble keeping up with his partner.
BB S9 E19
19 "Common Enemies" April 12th, 2019 196
Danny teams up with his arch nemesis, Luis Delgado, to take down a viscious murderer. Also, Frank finally meets Eddie's mother, Lena (Christine Ebersole), and Jamie and Erin are at odds after Jamie seeks her help charging a man who confessed to him while under the influence.
BB S9 E20
20 "Strange Bedfellows" April 26th, 2019 197
Erin must convince Frank to back a new state police bill as part of a bargain she made with Governor Mendez (David Mayas). Also, Danny and Baez pursue the same perp twice after the DA's office is unconvinced by their initial lineup, and Frank faces a challenge when a cop killer comes up for parole.
BB S9 E21
21 "Identity" May 3rd, 2019 198
DNA evidence in a murder case leads Danny and Baez to identical twins with identical alibis. Also, Frank learns Nicky is interviewing for a job at the Justice Coalition, and Jamie visits Eddie’s father, Armin, in prison.
BB S9 E22
22 "Something Blue" May 10th, 2019 199
As Jamie and Eddie's wedding day approaches, Erin interviews a witness whose story leads her to doubt Eddie's honesty; Danny and Baez unravel the complicated love life of a young man who was murdered; Frank squabbles with the top brass.

Season 10

Overall #
BB S10 E1
01 "The Real Deal" September 27, 2019 200
Danny and Baez grapple with a year-old homicide investigation brought to their attention by Maggie (Callie Thorme), the medium who previously helped them solve a case. Also, Frank must find a way to help ex-partner Lenny Ross after his daughter is arrested, Jamie and Eddie go apartment hunting, and Erin faces off against a cold-blooded defense attorney from her past,
BB S10 E2
02 "Naughty or Nice" October 4, 2019 201
Frank and Erin are at odds when Frank learns the District Attorney's office keeps a list of NYPD cops they consider "unreliable". Meanwhile, Danny and Baez recruit a former mobster to help with an investigation.
BB S10 E3
03 "Behind the Smile" October 11, 2019 202
Frank's esteem for an old friend proves to be a mistake; Jamie asks Erin for help apprehending a perp who shot at him after learning she chose not to send him to prison six months ago; Eddie clashes with her new boss.
BB S10 E4
04 "Another Look" October 18, 2019 203
Franks takes one of Jamie's cases to heart when it involves the suspicious death of his friend's wife; Erin receives an unsolved robbery case that proves to be impossible to crack without help from Anthony.
BB S10 E5
05 "The Price You Pay" October 25, 2019 204
Frank works to vindicate a detective accused of excessive force; Danny and Baez track down the killer responsible for the death of a rapper's bodyguard; Jamie is skeptical about a relationship between Espinoza and a rookie officer.
BB S10 E6
06 "Glass Houses" November 1, 2019 205
Frank is conflicted about how to deal with a former cop's gripe about his pension; Jamie helps a friend deal with illicit picture of his daughter on the internet; Anthony confronts the realization that his foster son isn't suited for police work.
BB S10 E7
07 "Higher Standards" November 8, 2019 206
Jamie and Frank oppose each other's viewpoints over the public's treatment of cops after rowdy teens pour water on two rookies; Danny and Baez investigate a man who preys on the elderly; Erin is forces to admit her wrongdoings.
08 "Friends in High Places" November 15, 2019 207
Henry and Danny butt heads over a case involving a man who is volatile toward his wife; Frank is caught in the middle of an ongoing battle between the NYPD and FDNY; Erin ponders a life-changing opportunity.
09 "Grave Errors" November 22, 2019 208
Erin disagrees with a psychiatric consultant's diagnosis of a nanny accused of abuse; Eddie confronts her boss; Frank is forced to make staffing changes he is skeptical about; a woman claims she heard someone plotting a murder.
10 "Bones to Pick" December 6, 2019 209
After a woman's body is found at a men's-only club, Danny and Baez investigate if her death was an accident; Frank hears about an illegal affair between the chief of Internal Affairs and the spouse of another member of law enforcement.
11 "Careful What You Wish For" January 3, 2020 210
After an EMT is shot and killed, Danny and Baez work to determine who is behind a chain of ambulance robberies; Frank defends New York's homeless community after the mayor puts a new law in place.
12 "Where the Truth Lies" January 10, 2020 211
A widow blames Frank for her husband's recent suicide; Eddie has a gut feeling about a murder; a desperate Luis Delgado wants protection for his sons.
13 "Reckless" January 31, 2020 212
Frank must uncover the truth when an undercover officer accuses a fellow cop of police brutality; Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a famous photographer recently accused of assault by his former models; Erin struggles to protect a witness.
14 "Fog of War" February 14, 2020 213
Danny and Baez work with Texas Ranger Waylon Gates when they are part on a case to find the Lone Star Killer; after Eddie's partner mistakenly shoots an undercover cop, Internal Affairs accuses Jamie of not supervising properly.
15 "Vested Interests" March 6, 2020 214
Jamie is under investigation after his police vest is found on a perpetration; Frank debates whether to help an old friend whose home was invaded; Danny and Baez investigate the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of a hotel employee.
16 "The First 100 Days" March 13, 2020 215
Frank and Garrett try to convince Mayor Chase to work better with others to properly run the city; Danny and Baez try to track down the person who vandalized several NYPD vehicles with anti-cop graffiti; Erin is shaken after a car accident.
17 "The Puzzle Palace" April 3, 2020 216
Erin and Anthony trust a sociopath who claims he has evidence to convict a murderer; Frank faces backlash from his department when he suspends an officer for violent behavior; Danny and Baez try to arrest a notorious gangster.
18 "Hide in Plain Sight" April 24 , 2020 217
Danny and Baez are faced with tracking down a drug dealer after two young models are found dead from overdoses; Eddie and Jamie team up to determine who the mastermind is behind a robbery.
19 "Family Secrets" May 1, 2020 218
After getting a match from an unknown relative from a DNA network, Sean Reagan does some detective work to figure out who this mystery person is; Frank gets a person request from a woman to transfer her son to a safer assignment.


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