"Ends and Means" is the twentieth episode of the third season of Blue Bloods.


When Danny and Baez witness a shooting in a drug deal gone bad, they are hoping that one of the wounded parties can identify the shooter but at the hospital Linda prevents Danny from speaking with the man due to hospital policy.

Later the suspect dies causing considerable friction between the two, especially when their shooter strikes again causing Danny to lay some of the blame on Linda. Meanwhile, due to Danny being preoccupied with the case, Jamie ends up helping Sean prepare for the upcoming soap box derby, a race that has long since been won by the Reagans.

Unfortunately, Frank discovers that Henry may not play by the rules due to their rivalry with an FDNY family. Elsewhere, Erin is excited to be named Deputy Trial Bureau Chief until she learns that the Chief who gave her the position may have ignored evidence in a case that potentially proved the defendant's innocence.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring

  • Adrienne Warren as
  • Dana Ashbrook as
  • Bhavesh Patel as
  • Samantha Buck as
  • Anthony J. Gallo as

Also Starring

  • Jeff Kim as Billy Chin
  • Josh Banks as Russell Wilson
  • Gregory Keith Lay as Christopher Dean
  • Stewart Steinberg as Salvatore Bonniello
  • Joseph Riccobene as Larry Bonniello
  • Liam Joseph Wright as Ethan Bonniello
  • Caroline Grossman as Janie
  • Brian Roland as Richard
  • Alicia Harding as Nurse
  • Philip Hoffman as Attorney
  • Ana Berry as TV Reporter
  • Declan Mulvey as Uniform 1
  • Steve Hamm as Uniform 2
  • Benton Greene as Uniform 3




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Notes & Trivia

  • The DVD contains a deleted scene for this episode.


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