Delightful "Dee Ann" Carver carries the rank of Lieutenant and is the new commander of the 54th Precinct after Sergeant Gormley was promoted.


When she was 12 her mother died and she started getting into trouble. After getting arrested she was given a chance to do Rescue Ride instead of jail time. This changed her outlook and turned her onto law enforcement.

Carver is known as a good cop as well as a by-the-book hard ass. She herself acknowledged that there were a lot of people who didn't think she would last as a cop. She asks those working under her to follow her orders implicitly and be completely by-the-book. Unfortunately this approach doesn't always endear her to those working with her as they can view her stance as against them. She and Danny butt heads immediately when she was assigned as their supervisor and he started to request a transfer to get away from her. After an incident with a drive by and a suicide, Dee Ann adopted the baby who was orphaned and that changed Danny's mind about working with her.

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