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Daniel "Danny" Fitzgerald Reagan is a Detective in the New York City Police Department. He is part of the Major Case Squad and assigned to the 54th Precinct. Danny is the oldest child of Francis and Mary Reagan, as well as the older brother of Erin, Joe and Jamie.


Daniel Fitzgerald Reagan and his siblings grew up in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Danny was happily married to Linda from 1996-2017, and they have two sons, Jack and Sean. They lived in Staten Island, at 1712 Amboy Road until their house was firebombed. During high school, he dated Marianne Romano, who was described by his partner Maria Baez as “the queen bee, super good looking, a little crazy and dynamite in the sack,” to which he agreed. As a young man, Danny and Walter Harrison Beene were construction workers.

For a class project of Nicky’s, Danny mentioned when he was three, he wanted to be a fireman for Halloween, however his grandfather Henry swore as long as he was alive, no Reagan would ever be a member of the New York City Fire Department. Henry then dressed Danny into a police uniform, and Danny “never took it off” until he became a Detective.

Danny is a tireless worker and a highly skilled detective with keen instincts and years of experience. He firmly believes good old-fashioned policing is the best strategy to utilize when attempting to apprehend a suspect. He has made more arrests than any other detective in his precinct. His hard-nosed nature and short temper often exacerbates situations, causing him to go above and beyond the rules to close cases by taking advantage of his power. He has a tendency to act brutal towards the criminals he arrests, making it difficult to prosecute those criminals in court. His brutality towards criminals occasionally results in him being suspended. For example, in one episode he held a suspect over the edge of a building and threatened to let them fall if the suspect didn't "come clean." Danny's old-school, authoritarian style clashes with those of his moderate siblings Jamie and Erin. Additionally, his style occasionally caused rifts between him and Linda, who became concerned and frustrated when Danny was unwilling to drop certain cases.

Above all, Danny is devoted to his family. In several situations, Danny loses his temper when people threaten his siblings, wife or children. Despite his gruff and aggressive nature, Danny is quick to sympathize with others. Danny is easily convinced into taking action or taking on a case, regardless of the circumstances. Outwardly, Danny is self-assured to the point of being arrogant, and quick to assert his authority as a detective. However Danny has been shown to be insecure and self-doubting, referring to himself as a grunt on one notable occasion. Danny maintained a close relationship with his late brother, Joe. In Family Secrets, Danny discovered Joe has one son, Joseph Hill.

Physical Characteristics

Danny is 5'10" (177cm)[1][2], approximately 160lbs (72.5kg)[3] and physically fit with hazel eyes. In most lighting his hair is brown. He has a widows peak and prefers to keep his hair cut very short. While most of his family are right handed, Danny has the distinction of being left handed.

Distinguishing Marks

Danny has two tattoos: Semper Fi over his heart, and a faded emblem on his shoulder.[4]


On the job for fifteen years (as of season one), Danny took a leave of absence from the NYPD to serve two tours in the Iraq War as a Marine. Danny saw combat in Fallujah, and was the only member of his platoon to come home alive (resulting in some post-traumatic stress). During his time in the Marines, Danny was decorated for his heroism.

Danny is an old-school detective. Danny's hotheaded nature and harsh methods he utilizes as a detective ocassionally land him in trouble, which his father (Frank) worries about. When Frank was asked if his Danny “crosses the line” and violates procedure from time to time, Frank answered, “I think he walks on the line.” Danny is hard on other police officers and detectives when he perceives them to be unprofessional or uncommitted to their duties. He is part of the Major Case Squad and assigned to the 54th Precinct. He is currently partnered with Detective Maria Baez. During the series, it is mentioned he leads the Manhattan South Detective Borough in arrests and complaints[5]. In Love Stories, Danny and Baez were awarded the NYPD Medal for Valor for their performance in Partners.

Throughout season six, Danny was taunted by Thomas Wilder who murdered and raped over twenty young women (ages 18-22). In Blowback, Danny rescued his niece, Nicole Reagan-Boyle, who was kidnapped from her dorm and eventually left in the trunk of Thomas' vehicle. After rescuing Nicky, Danny shot and killed Thomas after Thomas refused to show Danny his hands. At the beginning of season seven, he was investigated for his shooting of Thomas Wilder by Attorney General Robert Lewis and cleared of wrong-doing for the shooting.

After the Wilder investigation, Danny fails to protect his next sexual assault victim. Erin points out after a family dinner Danny has changed. Danny admits after several internal investigations, he felt he didn't need to be investigated again. Danny later visits the victim and requests her to set up her ex-boyfriend to incriminate himself.


Over his career, Danny had numerous partners to the point he acknowledged he burned through partners. Danny becomes very protective of his partners who stick around.

  • Detective 1st Grade Maria Baez – Danny’s partner since March 2013 (Season 3, Episode 17). Detective Baez was previously assigned to the NYPD Joint Bank Robbery Task Force for three years until its abolishment in 2011. Having known Detective Baez for over fifteen years, Danny frequently displays strong platonic feelings for Baez, most notably when he said he couldn't lose her.[8]


Citation Bars
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American Flag Breast Bar

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World Trade Center Breast Bar

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Medal of Honor Breast Bar

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Combat Cross Breast Bar 2nd Award

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Medal for Valor Breast Bar

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Honorable Mention Breast Bar

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Meritorious Police Duty Breast Bar

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USMC Service Breast Bar



Involved Shootings



As a Detective with the NYPD, Danny carries a Kahr K9 in 9×19mm as his service firearm. He also owns a Glock 19 in 9×19mm, and previously used a Smith & Wesson 5946 in 9×19mm.


Originally he drove an eighth generation (model year 2000-2005) blue Chevy Impala, plates ANO-2594 which changed to ANO-2595 between episode ten and episode eleven of season two. Between season three and season four, Danny's assigned vehicle was replaced with a new grey Dodge Charger, plates NUQ-1724.

Danny's personal vehicle is a first generation (model year 1993-1998) dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee, plates AOC-8963 (Pilot) which changed to AWQ-2538. While Danny used the Jeep, the Jeep was shot a few times. Danny recently replaced the Jeep with a fourth generation (model year 2006-2010) silver Ford Explorer XLT, plates SQR-5635.



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Notes & Trivia

  • Shield Number: 51466
  • Danny once took out a suspect by throwing an umbrella[9].
  • Danny burns through partners fast because he has a temper.
  • As a young man, Danny worked in construction.
  • As established in "The New Normal", Danny didn't attend college, although he tells his son Sean he did alright in life despite that fact instead of because of it.


  • In Parenthood, Danny states he's been married twelve years, however in Scorched Earth he states they are celebrating their 16th Wedding Anniversary.
  • The order of the Reagan siblings is a debated topic with some episodes and information from CBS stating Danny is the oldest. Although there is contrary information stating Joe is the oldest. More may be found on this topic on the page, Continuity Errors.


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