Charles Rossellini was the former District Attorney of New York City and Erin Reagan's boss. 


Charles, called Charley by Frank Reagan, was the District Attorney for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office until he decided to run for mayor and lost. He has at least one sister whose sons he sometimes looks after to give her a break. One of those times, he took them to the slot car track at the Kensington place where he saw a photo of Erin and her brothers[1].

Although he was on the job for 10 years before finishing law school, Frank expressed the opinion that he was already very much a politician[2]. As such, Frank was able to nudge him to help re-open the Webster Community Learning Center after it ended up closed due to a case, commenting on how it would be a good political gesture.

He very obviously has romantic interest in Erin and repeatedly tried to get her to date him. After one evening drinking, she did kiss him[3] but they never took it any further due to the political ramifications of such a relationship, especially if he were to be elected mayor.


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Notes & Trivia

  • Rossellini only appeared in three episodes: Brothers, Family Ties, and My Funny Valentine


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