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Brenda Patimkin is a NYPD Police Officer who is an agent for the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB) because she faked information on her background before the academy. She told Jamie Reagan that she didn't want to be IAB but had to in order to stay in the NYPD.


When Jamie and Eddie get in a prank war with her partner, Officer Welch, she participates but later reports it to IAB which is ultimately what leads to the reveal of her status as a "rat". Once the others at the Precinct realize, they begin hazing her.

After she was temporarily assigned to partner with Jamie, he proceeded to haze her by insisting everything was done exactly by the book, including vehicle checks. After she loses a prisoner by stopping to write a ticket, she learns the subtle nuances between by the book and grey area. Once they get the prisoner back, Brenda reveals her story to Jamie, ending his hazing of her. While he may not fully trust her, he is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.


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