• Images directly from the show can either me screencapped by the user who uploads them or obtained through Google.
  • Photoshopped, compiled, sketched, ect. images cannot be uploaded without the creator's permission and must be PG-13.
  • Cast images may be from available online sources. Images that are from personal photo-shoots, private cameras, or conventions may not be used without permission and should not contain individuals other than the actor/actress.
  • Uploaded images should not be watermarked from other sites without admin approval. If another site has images or a gallery, it may be linked in the article.
  • High quality images are preferred, if they are available.


  • Videos directly from the official Blue Bloods youtube account may be linked without prior permissions. Videos from other sources or personal youtube account must have the original poster's permission and admin approval depending on the content.
  • Fan videos may be linked with the creator's permission and if they would be rated G to PG-13.
  • Quality videos are preferred: videos that are external recording of TV screens, contain very little Blue Bloods, or are derogatory towards cast/characters are not permitted.