Betty Reagan was the wife of Henry Reagan, the mother of Francis Reagan and Peter Reagan, the grandmother of Danny, Erin, Joe and Jamie, and great-grandmother of Nicky, Jack, Sean and Joe. Betty was the Reagan family matriarch. 


Not much is known about Betty Reagan, besides what little has been mentioned in conversations over the years. She and Henry had one child before Frank, Peter, who died of Leukemia at the age of 18 Months. After Frank was born, contrary to typical Irish-Catholic families, they chose not to have any more children. She also made Henry promise never to tell Frank because they didn't want him missing someone he never knew. Henry broke that promise, feeling that it was more important to tell the whole truth. In " By Hook Or By Crook", it is mentioned that she was born in Ireland, the oldest of 12 children where there was never enough food, and met Henry after moving to New York to make more money. The Sunday family dinners are her legacy of having overcome the struggle of childhood poverty.

It is mentioned that she got sick and died, possibly from cancer. No photos of her are shown, aside from her headstone in the cemetery. She is buried alongside her daugher-in-law, Mary and her grandson, Joe Reagan

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