"Baggage" is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of Blue Bloods.


When Danny and Linda visit the bank to refinance their home they end up in the middle of a robbery. As he and Baez investigate, they discover evidence potentially linking Veterans to the crime.

As they uncover more evidence it becomes apparent that the robbery was to fund the treatment of another Veteran who is struggling to get approval for medical treatment. Danny struggles with the case as he understands their reasons for committing the crime.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie come across a bag in the park that is ticking. Fortunately it turns out to be the work of a street artist known as Spanky.

Frank ends up having to decide if the so-called art is harmless or can be called terrorism. Garrett and Gormley stand on opposite sides of the issue, causing a rift between them and also between Garrett and Frank.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring

  • Christina Bennett Lind as Angela Cabot
  • Tyler Elliot Burke as Richard Sullivan
  • Dashiell Eaves as Eli Campbell
  • Kohl Sudduth as Sam Holbrooke
  • Paul Urcioli as Roy Coben
  • Don Guillory as Joe Raymond


  • Malachi Nimmons as Onlooker #1
  • Ayumi Patterson as Onlooker #2
  • Drew Leary as McCarty
  • Hazel Anne Raymundo as Nurse
  • Dina Margolin as Bank Teller




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Notes & Trivia

  • Frank refers to Sid Gormley as "Sergeant" in this episode. But in the previous episode, Sins of the Father, Frank promoted Gormley to Lieutenant.


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