"Bad Company" is the eighteenth episode of the fifth season of Blue Bloods.


When Danny and Baez catch the case of a phony hostel luring young Serbian women, they approach the best option for an undercover operation: Eddie. Despite Eddie being excited for the assignment, Jamie is unconvinced, remembering his own dangerous undercover experience.

Meanwhile, Frank is approached by a young woman whose parents murderer he caught many years ago. Her wedding is approaching but could be spoiled by the fact that the murderer has requested a meeting with her, claiming he found God and wants to see her.

Elsewhere, Erin is the first of the family to meet Henry’s new lady friend whom she is immediately suspicious of. She arranges to meet the woman for lunch in an effort to gain more information on her.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring

  • James Lesure as Alex McBride
  • Amelia Rose Blaire as Sarah Grant
  • David Patrick Kelly as Tatiana
  • Khalil Kain as FBI Agent Hill
  • Mani Yarosh as Ana Marcovic
  • Donald Sage Mackay as Lt. Mike Collier
  • Tovah Feldshuh as Sylvia Hayden


  • Shirine Babb as Paula Knight
  • Ariel Eliaz as Dusan
  • Dennis Gagomiros as FBI Agent Visnic
  • Kevin Riley as David Fisher
  • Jim Lynch as Father Barnes




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