"Bad Blood" is the ninth episode of the fourth season of Blue Bloods.


When Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a restaurant employee who was stabbed to death in an alley, a security camera identifies a suspect that turns out to be Baez’s estranged brother, Javi. When they start to suspect the murder may have actually been related to Javi and his drug addiction, Maria and Danny have to get him to help them catch the killer.

Meanwhile, Henry attends a friends’ funeral, after which the man’s daughter approaches him, suspicious that her mother may be guilty of a mercy killing.

Elsewhere, Frank must deal with a lawsuit against the department which claims one of their K-9’s got out and bit a young boy. Using his own experiences in the K-9 unit and assessing the dog personally, he comes to the conclusion that the dog didn’t do it and therefore must prove it.


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Cast & Characters

Guest Starring


  • Bryan T. Donovan as Brendan McGuire
  • Gabe Hernandez as Bar Owner
  • Andrew Raab as Huckster
  • Jos Laniado as Arturo Vega
  • Brian Quijada as Venezuela Fan #1
  • Gonzalo Vargas as Chile Fan #1
  • DeShawn Harold Mitchell as Uni #1




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Notes & Trivia

  • The DVD contains a deleted scene for this episode.


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