Anthony "Tony" Renzulli is a Police Sergeant and was the training officer for Jamie Reagan as well as Joe Reagan.


Renzulli knows the beat of the 12th Precinct very well and offers Jamie a lot of good advice. Anthony is known to pay attention to detail that others might not notice. He believes Jamie will make a great cop and often pokes fun at him for abandoning a lucrative law career.  


Assigned as the Training Officer (T.O.) for Jamie Reagan after his graduation from the Police Academy. Sometimes he gives him a hard time about being a Reagan but respects him enough not to think he is skating by on his name. Occasionally he used Jamie's knowledge of the law to make a point with a suspect or tease Jamie.

While he often jokes around with Jamie and acts jocularly, Renzulli is shown to have a serious side when real trouble arises.

He ended up receiving a commendation in place of Jamie for saving a child from a burning building because Jamie was undercover at the time and could not risk exposure. Both the commendation and having been kept in the dark about Jamie's assignment led to him assigning a new partner to Jamie and accepting a desk position within the precinct. 

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