Anthony Abetemarco is a Detective for the DA's Office, holding the title of DA Investigator. He is most often seen working with Erin.


A native New Yorker, Anthony is of Italian descent and unabashedly loves to eat. He has a habit of speaking in double negatives, a trait which often confuses Erin. Fiercely loyal to his family, Anthony has ended up in hot water when he got a little too forceful with a man he suspected of taking advantage of his mother's Alzheimer's to access her finances.

Anthony's father, known only as "Tony the Bat", was a gangster, or a bookie as he said. Anthony discovered this when he was just 13 years old.


Anthony is divorced, however he and his ex-wife Vivian still take care of their daughter Sophia together, implying they share custody.

He works very well with Erin, even the two of them sharing personal information about each other, and he gets along with her family, especially her father Frank.

However, Anthony and Danny do not get along at all. Even Anthony himself says he doesn't like Danny in addition to saying, "Your brother hates my guts." However, Anthony is willing to occasionally work with Danny whenever it is necessary.

Involved Shootings

In 8.12 "The Brave" Anthony is shot when he visits a witness.


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