"After Hours" is the tenth episode of the first season of Blue Bloods.


When Danny and Jackie catch the murder of a popular nightclub bouncer, Danny is reminded of just how much he loved that particular night-life. Linda worries about him being on the receiving end of the attentions of the nightclub owner Sabrina Glick, a popular socialite known from Page Six.

Henry and Frank butt heads over the possibility of Frank's old partner being promoted since Henry doesn't trust him due to his personal past. Jamie meets with a former member of the Warrant Squad to get more info about Joe's death.


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The first few scenes show the nightlife of New York City. People are queuing to enter a Nightclub, as a businessman is refused entry. He gets angry and threatens to come back with a gun – the bouncer simply smirks as he leaves. The Reagans are at home, as Danny prepares to leave for a night shift. He meets up with Curatola, who doesn't care much for the nightlife and would rather be sleeping. They arrive at the scene of the crime and Ms Glick shows them the security tape and saying that the businessman shown on it worked nearby. Flirting, she gives Danny her number on a napkin as the detectives leave.

The next morning, Jimmy Burke has a casual breakfast with Frank and says he's looking to get promoted. Danny and Jackie catch the businessman as he tries to flee the city by helicopter, looking to transfer onto a jet to Cuba. Danny has a rather funny response for his plea of innocence, sarcastically pretending to believe him. His attorney shows up at the station and tells Danny to "Go to 'Hell'", which turns out to be a dungeon belonging to Dominatrix Nicka. She shows the detectives embarassing evidence of the businessman's alibi. Burke is interviewed by the CompStat panel and provides convincing responses.

At Dinner, they open fortune cookies. Henry insists he doesn't trust Burke because he cheated on his wife, but Frank offers a different angle. Danny is called into the city, but Linda is distressed about Sabrina because of Danny's past jobs at nightclubs. Meanwhile, Curatola meets with King's girlfriend, Benita. Jamie talks to Frank – who realises something is amiss, as he reveals that Sydney Davenport had broken up with him (to go to England, as in Chinatown). Questioning his career, Frank reassures him of his decisions.

Danny goes to the club and Sabrina has found King's phone, which has a special number in it. Meanwhile, Curatola finds out information on same person, Lemon, a British man known for gambling. Sabrina has seduced Danny into a dance, which Curatola then walks in on. She disapproves.

Lemon says that he was setting up a club with King, the bouncer. This leads the detectives back to Sabrina, who wasn't happy with King's departure. Ms Glick is disappointed her charm doesn't work on Danny, and wants to know "what [Linda] has that [she] doesn't" – Danny replies "me" as he exits. Back at the station it later transpires that Sabrina is even more involved: she was also present during the shooting, and a bullet meant for her was the one that ricocheted into King. Linda visits the station and opens a gift from Danny, which is a skimpy nightclub dress suggested by Sabrina. As it's not her style, she realises Glick's involvement with Danny, and a furious Linda storms out on him.

Erin runs into an elderly lady, whose granndaughter was mugged and called the police in Burke's district only to get the crime reported as the less serious charge of harassment. It transpires that Inspector Burke is artificially reporting crimes to alter crime stats in his precinct, because he was desperate for a promotion, indirectly proving Henry right. His mistakes have caught up to him and he can't pay for all of his children. He is demoted to Captain and Frank permits him to retire with pension as clemency.

It turns out that Sabrina was also in a relationship with King, which made Benita jealous. They end up having to arrest her the next day as she prepares to skip town. Danny makes up with Linda and hugs her.

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